APL Techloom Pro Review

After you all showed such a great interest in my APL Phantom review, I thought I would give you guys my take on the more traditional, APL Techloom Pro.  Truth be told, I actually purchased these at the same time I purchased the phantoms, and they both were quite the charmer at first sight. As for looks, both … Continue reading APL Techloom Pro Review


What’s in my Gym Bag 2018

After growing in my fitness journey I made a realization- I have a lot of stuff. Not that I'm high maintenance or anything, but let's just face it, the gym is kinda complicated. From sanitary needs to fly away hair, a girl accumulates quite an array of items The Bag This bag was my need/Christmas … Continue reading What’s in my Gym Bag 2018

APL Techloom Phantom Review

Long time No Blog! Today I have a very exciting post for you! If you're anything like me, you love the Kardashians, and if you're even more like me, you're interested in what they wear. For the longest time, I adored Kourtney's after-gym athleisure looks, especially her sneakers. I finally investigated and found that she loved … Continue reading APL Techloom Phantom Review

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe!

 I love smoothies. They are an awesome way to pack in a lot of nutrient needs into one meal and best of all: it's portable and drinkable. Making smoothies at home is also really affordable and saves you a ton of cash rather than buying them while out. Plus, YOU CAN PUT IT IN FUN … Continue reading My Favorite Smoothie Recipe!

Day 2 & 3: Feed your soul and your body will follow

I'm seriously so deeply in love with some of my fitness and holistic finds this week. I've also never known a deeper love than the love between me and prepackages salad Being the complex creature that I am, I love health eating, what I also love is everything fried, covered in cinnamon, glaze and possibly … Continue reading Day 2 & 3: Feed your soul and your body will follow

Day 1: Back in the Game and Back to the Bikini Series

The idea of tiny bikinis and clear skin were my motivation for todays post. Being that yesterday was super hard and last night's blog post was a bit cryptic, today was great. I woke up feeling really productive doing two loads of laundry, unpacking and....... I picked back up on the bikini series! Yes it's … Continue reading Day 1: Back in the Game and Back to the Bikini Series

My Yoga Flow

With spring trying so desperately to get here, I thought I'd write a quib about something I've been really into lately, yoga. I've written many pieces about my fitness journey but I never really spoke of yoga particularly.  My introduction to yoga began with my new found fondness for Lululemon. I really enjoyed their yoga … Continue reading My Yoga Flow

Lorna Jane VS Lululemon Showdown!

Hello all! It's been a long while since I've posted here on the old blog, and to add a change of pace from the Christmas crazies I thought I'd tackle a showdown I've been meaning to for a long while. Lorna Jane is the hip, new and colorful Australian athletic apparel brand on the block … Continue reading Lorna Jane VS Lululemon Showdown!