APL Techloom Phantom Review

Long time No Blog! Today I have a very exciting post for you! If you're anything like me, you love the Kardashians, and if you're even more like me, you're interested in what they wear. For the longest time, I adored Kourtney's after-gym athleisure looks, especially her sneakers. I finally investigated and found that she loved … Continue reading APL Techloom Phantom Review


The Story about my Boobs and How I Found Body Positivity.

If I had to think of a time where my relationship with my boobs were at it's worst, I'd have to think about last summer. I'd rescently gotten very into health and fitness as a post- high school athletic type, and naturally being a girl, I wanted new gear. I went into Lululemon and found … Continue reading The Story about my Boobs and How I Found Body Positivity.

5 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day.

We can't go anywhere without seeing candy hearts, date ideas, or Valentine's Day Outfits. It can all be a little overwhelming and to us ladies without a current paramour it can be pretty dreary.Alas, this is a season of love, and who says you can't show a little to just your little ole self? Get … Continue reading 5 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day.

Things I’m Loving Right Now! Fall Edition

Hello Lovelies, fall is in the air as well as inspiration! I am so excited for the season change and a chance to cheer for football and (more importantly) try all the fall things! Today I descided to include a few items that I've been loving rescently. Comment below and tell me which is your favorite! … Continue reading Things I’m Loving Right Now! Fall Edition

My Pool Day Essentials!

The temp outside is heating up and I'm stoked to get outside! Though spring break is sadly over, summer is quickly approaching and that means tan lines, bikinis, and fun! I'd recently gone bikini shopping and of course picked up other summer related nonsense which inspired this post! Check out my Pool Day Essentials! Bikini … Continue reading My Pool Day Essentials!

Spring Break Essentials 2016!

Hello Everyone! I apologize for the disappearance, midterms were killer, but there's one redemption factor....SPRING BREAK IS NEXT WEEK! With that said, today I'd like to tell you about my Spring Break Essentials!  CamelBak: I love my Camelbak water bottle. The straw is great because you don't have to deal with unscrewing the top, not … Continue reading Spring Break Essentials 2016!

My 3 Favorite Trends Right Now.

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope your day has started off with a good start as mine began with sitting on a metal bench and not realizing how cold that would feel through paper thin leggings. Alas! I was inspired this morning to write a little quib for you all related to my favorite trends. Beach … Continue reading My 3 Favorite Trends Right Now.

Five Books That Have Changed My Life

Noir Chic

If you’re a reader like me, books are more than just coffee table decoration. It’s a vacation on your shelf and a paradise for your mind.In my 19 years I’ve read and reread a few books that have changed my thoughts on what it meant to be an adult as well as a person. Today I’d like to share these treasures with you in the hope that they might hold the same salubrious effect on you as they have done for me.Also-Spoiler Alert!

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