Best Bronzers for Dark Girls

With summer in full swing and beauty launches every week, you have no choice but to look fabulous. Today I wanted to share my recommendations for summer bronzers for girls in the deep-dark skin tone.


NYC Sun n Bronze in Coral Samba$3IMG_1617IMG_1616

An oldie, cheapie but goodie. I love this bronzer because it has a really pretty blush included, while also having mild shimmer, while usually cheaper products have chunkier glitter. I love the summery coral color while the bronzer is great for defining cheeks. you can use an angle brush to only swipe the bronzers or swirl them all together for a tropical glow.


Color Pop Happy Hour$8


This bronzer was a great find. I know the contouring train has kinda left the station, but I still love this one. It’s creamy but also easily manipulated. I usually use an angled brush when applying. It’s just dark and warm enough for deep- dark skin tones to add definition without being too dark or harsh looking. It also has a matte finish which is great for a more subtle contour look.


Estee Lauder Starbronzer: Free-$7

This beauty is probably the most convenient ever. The set includes a blush, bronzer, and highlighter, which all slow together. The bronzer looks very light, but it is actually really pretty when applied just under the blush. Each has a golden shimmer which looks great in the light. It is also super travel-friendly.


Estee Lauder StarBronze

Becca Sunset Waves Gradient Bronzer$38

I’d wanted this bronzer for so long and actually just picked it up this week. I am a huge fan of Becca Bronzers and this one did not disappoint. Great mixture of colors. The matte darker shades are


Becca Gradient Bronze

in the middle, whereas the more highlighter-shimmer shades are on the sides. I’d use these with a matte blush or alone. I like to angle my brush and put the rose gold shade near the top of my cheek for a natural glow.


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Deep 04:$42

Estee Lauder really knocked it out of the park with this one. It comes in 4 shades and the packaging describes it as a “luxury” finish. The


shimmer in this is very” subtle. The bronzer is finely milled and goes on so smooth. The brush it comes with is very stiff, which is great for application. My absolute favorite look with this is to use the Benefit Galifornia blush on my cheeks, and using a softer brush, apply this underneath.

Becca Chrissy Teigen Pallette– Malibu Soleil:$46

The Chrissy Pallete was a real game changer for Becca because it was my first product IMG_1614from the brand. all of the shades are great for darker skin tones. The blush is gorgeous and goes well with everything. I especially love the Beach Nectar highlighter. The bronzer in this palette is very similar to the one in Estee Lauder Starbronzer. The shade may be a few darker, the shimmer is finely milled (to not overwhelm the highlighters probably) and has a very smooth finish. This is personally, my favorite palette to travel with.

I apologize for my absence here on the blog and hope to write a post explaining very soon. Which of these is your favorite? Comment below and tell me!

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