APL Techloom Pro Review

After you all showed such a great interest in my APL Phantom review, I thought I would give you guys my take on the more traditional, APL Techloom Pro

Truth be told, I actually purchased these at the same time I purchased the phantoms, and they both were quite the charmer at first sight.

As for looks, both pairs that I own are in the Midnight color. Frankly, I believe that the phantom is a more true blue because the metallic cast is more subtle. The Pros are a much darker almost blue-black navy. Both are great and I’d personally recommend them if you aren’t a fan of black, or if you just want a change from traditional black.


These are a more traditional sneaker fit than the phantom. The Phantom is more of a “sock” fit and extremely light. The bottom of the Pros is more stiff and stabilizing. I like to use these on leg day because it gives me a firm platform. There are also great for spin classes if you like a more “locked in” feel. I think the phantoms move in the pedal cages too much.


These are great. As I’ve said before, extremely stable and I’d definitely recommend these for athletes with flat feet. As for running, I don’t think I would recommend these because of the thicker sole it is harder to turn corners and maneuver. Personally, I think these shoes are great for almost any activity, except running.

Final Thoughts

Overall I have these a 7 out of 10. APL provides an amazing range of colors and combinations and it’s fantastic performance in the gym. The pros are extremely stylish and I’d definitely call it the quintessential athleisure shoe.

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