APL Techloom Phantom Review

Long time No Blog! Today I have a very exciting post for you! If you’re anything like me, you love the Kardashians, and if you’re even more like me, you’re interested in what they wear. For the longest time, I adored Kourtney’s after-gym athleisure looks, especially her sneakers. I finally investigated and found that she loved these sneakers called “APL”s, one google search later, I was hooked and guess what? I had to splurge!

When I began my search for the perfect APL combo (there are a LOT), I started with Revolve, which had a pretty great selection. The big issue here were things being in stock. After an intense search, I landed on Bandier.com where they not only had my size but they were on sale! The Techloom Pro versions were also on sale. In the end, I decided on the Midnight and Tropical Peach for the Phantoms and Black and Rose gold for the Pros.


I’m a size 9 in most designers i.e. Michael Kors, Nike and I also wear an 8.5 in a few others. I purchased a 9 and I have to say I’m very happy with the fit. My toes have lots of room, and as someone with bad ankles, these offer plenty support. The sock fit feels a bit

snug, and I would definitely recommend a more athletic sock for this shoe. When I was reading reviews before my purchase, a lot of people were saying that stuffing the laces in bothered their feet. Becuase of the way they are laced you sort of have to stuff them inside. The knot from my laces caused a bit of pressure, but nothing terrible, and it went away after a few minutes of movement. Overall, I recommend sticking with your true shoe size.



The sock-like feel of this shoe is really what sets it apart. I took my dog out for a run the night I got these and they were awesome! The cushion is great and the sole is slim enough that turning corners/agility is very smooth. I also wore these on a walking/shopping venture and they held up very very well ( I find that my Asics can be cumbersome and I usually switch shoes after working out). I’m definitely a fan of these for weightlifting, squats, and deadlifts feel deeper, but your feet don’t feel “locked in” like you would in a thicker sole shoe

Final Thoughts

Overall, I definitely think this is going to be my best fitness purchase for the year. I love these for street and gym wear and I love the looks you get wearing a shoe with shimmer that’s also pretty badass. If you see these on sale, I say definitely buy them as they are worth every penny.

Stay Chic!

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