5 Apartment Must-Haves for Girls Who Live Alone.

If you’ve been following any of my social media (especially my Pinterest) you will know- I finally got my own apartment! Don’t worry, a tour has been filmed and I promise they will grace the dusty Youtube channel soon, but I thought today’s post would be a helpful-how to until then.1. Body Pillow

No matter who you miss, or if you just don’t like feeling lonely, a body pillow is a great addition to a girls bed, especially if you have a large bed that can feel a bit too big. Target also has a massive selection of budget-friendly covers that you can change when it suits you, or ya know, if you get makeup all over one.

2. Friendly Lighting

No one likes an expensive electric bill, and if you’re anything like me (afraid of the dark) lighting is an important ambiance aspect. I opted for as many battery-powered alternatives I could find. String lights, LED pineapples, timed lights, you name it. The string lights are dim so they don’t wake you up so much, and the timed lights are nice if you like to have a few chill minutes before bed for reading or Netflix.

3. One Piece that Makes You Extremely Happy

For me, that was my tapestry and my animal heads. I’ve given them all names, and I love my tapestry because it was handmade in India and I can see the imperfections in it and still say it is so beautiful. Pick one thing- no matter the cost- that you really love for your place. Somedays it might be the one thing that makes you smile.

4. Catchalls

I never knew how helpful these things were. I have one on my desk for my earrings and one on my window sill for random odds and ends. It keeps things from looking cluttered, especially if they conceal they’re contents and add a nice accent.

5. Security

My dad got me a heavy security door stop that they use in hurricanes, and it has honestly given me so much peace of mind at night. Amazon has tons of options for apartment security and it is always best to be safe.

Comment below and tell me what is one piece you love in your apartment!

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