My Favorite Smoothie Recipe!

 I love smoothies. They are an awesome way to pack in a lot of nutrient needs into one meal and best of all: it’s portable and drinkable. Making smoothies at home is also really affordable and saves you a ton of cash rather than buying them while out. Plus, YOU CAN PUT IT IN FUN CUPS!


A liquid is a bit tricky or self-explanatory, depending on what you like. I like to use Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened almond milk. It gives the smoothie a thicker IMG_0565.JPGconsistency, and you don’t really taste it. I also like to add a tiny bit of flat or sparkling lemonade sometimes because it gives a bit of bite since I don’t use that many tart fruits.


This is usually where I add in any unfrozen fruits I might have such as banana, or my protein powder. My favorite is the Aria women’s protein in vanilla. I also add chia seeds at this stage or any capsule supplements I might need.

Frozen Fruit

I love frozen fruit. I usually find giant mixed bags at Publix or Target. Aldi also has really affordable bags. My favorite combos are blueberries, strawberries, and mango. Substituting the peach for the mango is also a great move, but in that case adding a peach juice is also a great idea to up the flavor.

IMG_0564.JPGIce and Blend

I usually don’t add much ice because of my frozen fruit. It’s also a great idea to measure your fruit in a one cup measure because it’s easy to overdo it and end up with a larger serving. I also like to add agave or honey at this point.

Vola! One healthy smoothie, free of syrups and unknowns, plus all can be made under 12$! Comment below and tell me how you like your smoothies.


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