5 Ways Your Relationships change in your 20s

As a millennial, things are a bit more weird for us. We have more education than most of the people who came before us, but some of us still hold older values. These values get really hairy when you mix modern expectations with the older reality, especially in relationships.

Your Friends Start to Get Married

When you’re younger and you slip and watch sex and the city, it wasn’t until the later seasons that  some of the girls started getting married. Now a days, its taken a bit of a reverse. I can almost never get on facebook without seeing a high school classmate making a baby or wedding announcement. I have wedding e-vites coming in weekly and of course my very best friend has settled down.

Reading this back makes me sound very bitter (lol). I assure you I’m not. I’m just very Caroline de Maigret-esque when it comes to commitment.

How to Deal: 

Be accepting. Whether its your best friend or even an associate, they had a baby not a brain transplant. They’re still the same person.

Accept that their commitments are different now. Cooking dinner for their husband might take prescient over Sunday brunch, or buying the new diaper genie might be more important than that Vegas weekend. Don’t cease from inviting them, just make the invitation more of a notification.

Making New Friends Becomes Weird

Being an adult and making friends is harder than it looks. You can’t really start of conversations with “What school do you go to?” anymore. Being that I’m definitely not an expert in this area myself, my advice is limited.

How to deal:

Be friendly. Compliments are always nice and mutual interests are great. Most people make their adult friends in the work force, or as I’ve rescently heard, rushing a graduate sorority. Wherever your friendships lie, it starts with you and you never catch any of the fish you don’t cast for.

Your Relationship with Your Parents Becomes More Mutual.

This weirdly happens over night and you never expect to get there. They may begin to ask your opinion more or even hang out with you more. It becomes a less “outing with mom” to a more enjoyable “shopping together” type deal.

How to Deal:

Enjoy it, but respect boundaries. Respect hers and she will respect yours, I’m sure you don’t want to truthfully answer why your car wasn’t at your house at 4 am and she doesn’t want to answer about the botox cream container in the garbage. Some things you have to charge to the game.

Some People Still See You as a Child.

Whether it be aunts, family friends, or everyone in between, there are still some people who refuse to admit your adulthood until you have your own home. Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer to them anyway.

How to Deal:

Being polite is also the best route. Short and vague answers always work as well. Either they get you or they don’t, because in retrospect it doesn’t really matter, but never burn bridges with possible connections.

Dating Changes Drastically.

This is probably the biggest plank in the floor for your 20s (weirdest metaphor I’ve ever used). Whether its online dating, or if you’re bold enough to get out there in person, dating is never an easy feat in this age. It becomes harder and harder to see people for who they are when most of us live our lives through a screen mostly.

How to Deal:

Be honest with yourself. I happen to be spoken for at the moment, but this was something I had to learn for myself and it took a long time. Be honest about yourself when dating someone, whether it means admitting you’re not yourself around them, or even that you’re not as interested in them as you thought. Search your soul and admit it, it will save your time and theirs, and probably decrease the change of worse heart break.

That’s all I have for today! Thank for reading and Stay Chic!


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