What’s in my Carry On: Amtrak Edition

For my carry on bag I usually use the Lo and Sons OMG bag. Very durable, very organized, and light weight.

Blanket Scarf: Amtrak is infamously cold. I prepare by usually wearing leggings and a mild sweater, but in some cases it just won’t do. Actual blankets can sometimes be cumbersome and bulky. This particular blanket scarf is sorta on the thinner side and even fits in my carry on.

Portable Charger: Most trains now a days have an outlet and I know the cafe car usually does as well, but just in case your seat partner is a plug hog or the wattage is not up to par, these are great.

Essentials Bag: I usually carry one of these no matter what kind of trip. Amtrak especially can be hectic, especially for us contact users since the seats are prime nap time Realestate.

  • Deodorant
  • Contact Solution and Case
  • Glasses
  • Medication
  • Headphones
  • Perfume
  • Eye mask

Neck Pillow: Amtrak seats are the best travel seats hands down. I actually look forward to napping on this trip becuase it’s just that good. I recommend a foam pillow instead of one with microbeads because you can manipulate it better if you have the window seat.

Socks: Yes I’m one of those people who takes off their shoes during travel. My excuse: the train is frigid and secondly, Amtrak almost never fills up and usually you can score a seat to yourself. Even if you don’t take off your shoes, socks are still essential because who wants to be cold?

Sunglasses: Eye masks are great, but sometimes you’re not asleep, but the florescent lights and even the sun shining in can be a bit much. I always pack a pair of sunnies in my carry on to protect my eyes.





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