Day 2 & 3: Feed your soul and your body will follow

I’m seriously so deeply in love with some of my fitness and holistic finds this week. I’ve also never known a deeper love than the love between me and prepackages salad

Being the complex creature that I am, I love health eating, what I also love is everything fried, covered in cinnamon, glaze and possibly brown sugar. Trying to counteract that while living in a house full of people who also love those things = challenge of the century. My biggest challenge this week has been eating. My workouts, how ever simple, have definitely changed me for the better. My only regret is that I wish there was somewhere I could run stairs.

Life intervened, so I’m combining day two and three of the blog post. Transitioning into a better lifestyle hasn’t been terribly hard,my biggest triumph in this journey and in life really, is to be honest with myself. Whether it be portion sizes, relationships, etc, honesty will out.

My top tip for eating healthy on a time constraint and budget: Find a salad dressing that is clean and that you actually like: I personally like the Bolthouse Farms Southwest style dressing, Portion it out into serving sizes, you can usually find these little cups at TJ Maxx or Ross. After that, grab a bag of mixed greens salad and portion it out into bowls with your toppings etc. I find this to be so much easier, and if I’m in a pinch, I’ve been really into grabbing Walmart prepackaged salads. As far as meats go I’ve been cutting back except for a bit of chicken in my salad. I ordered some specialized women’s protein ages ago so that can be incorporated into my diet as well. My biggest issue would probably be breakfast, which can get really fattening really fast. Eggs scrambles with low fat or vegan cheese is usually my go to, and I might add red or green bell peppers if I need a change.

Thanks for tuning in to today’s blog post! Comment below and tell me if you’re doing the bikini series as well!


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