Day 1: Back in the Game and Back to the Bikini Series

The idea of tiny bikinis and clear skin were my motivation for todays post.

Being that yesterday was super hard and last night’s blog post was a bit cryptic, today was great. I woke up feeling really productive doing two loads of laundry, unpacking and……. I picked back up on the bikini series!

Yes it’s true I’m probably very very late, but better late than never. I was able to do almost two back to back workouts, with weights mind you, followed my a mini yoga sesh and more cleaning.

Today was also my first day back to clean eating, I grabbed two salads from Walmart, which weren’t very expensive, and they were actually fresh and pretty good. I recommend the south west chicken salad. I also grabbed more on the go smoothies and sandwich supplies. I really want to cut down on my eating out simply because the calories and cooking methods just aren’t that great. My next move would be to buy more protein and probiotics, but you can’t do everything in one day.

Overall, today was a great day back, hopefully tomorrow’s blog post will have pictures and be more entertaining.


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