Chrissy Teigen x Becca Glow Pallet Unboxing!

If you’re anything like me, you’re a newbie on the highlighter train, but I have to say I’m really liking the ride. From holographic to matte, highlighters have been a huge aspect of my beauty routine, and with this new release from Becca, it’s a whole new ball game.

No only is Chrissy Teigen one of my favorite celebrities, she’s really one of my favorite activists. Through her witty tweets  and constant stance for feminism, there’s no wonder most of us like to fill our day with Chrissy, even if it’s FOMO through social media.

After I saw she was collabing with Becca Cosmetics, I knew I had to have this pallet. Oddly enough, before this purchase I didn’t own anything by Becca. I knew of their famous Champagne pop highlighter but I never really got on board with that one. Chrissy’s pallet was much more warm and summery. I got my pallet a day early through Sephora’s App. The ordering process wasn’t bad, received a few samples. Shipping was a day late, but I guess that’s a thing with limited edition stuff? It was available the following Monday in store.

The packaging is fantastic. The outside box  is a watery rose gold that is super pretty for those of you who are into collecting. The actual pallet packaging is A+ quality, much more sturdy than my Naked 2 pallet. It feels very solid, so your pans don’t get jostled around if you’re traveling.

The actual colors are very nice. Each of these shades can be layered, or worn alone. I have to say I love all of the colors, but I could definitely see myself getting a lot of wear out of the ‘Beach Nectar’ and ‘Hibiscus Bloom’ shades. The bronzer is very universal and could be used my various skin tones. You can really tell that this pallet was made with diversity in mind. Overall, I can definitely tell this will be a travel must have for me and most certainly my go to for summer. Very pigmented and shimmery, but no over bearing at all.


Soleil Bronzer, Rose Gold Highlight, Hibiscus Bloom, Beach Nectar Highlight.

Have you picked up Chrissy’s new pallet? Comment below and tell me what you think!



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