My Favorite Birmingham Bites

As much of a globe trotter as I am, I love my hometown. No matter where I end up or where I am, pieces of home are important to me. For me, food is comfort. There’s nothing like your usual order at your favorite BBQ place or the trying the new guac and chips for Saturday lunch. The Magic City has many reasons for being magical, and the food is only the beginning.

Casual Weekend

Let’s be honest for a minute, impressing people is pretty fun. Taking a college friend to a swanky eatery is no exception. For fun lights and great food my favorite is Taco Mama. Their menu is super impressive and inexpensive! There are tons of locations around the city and the atmosphere there is like no other. My personal favorite it their guac and chips, and their Yo mama burrito. They also have a huge variety of margaritas to choose from so you and your girlfriends can sample a little bit of everything.

Intimate Date Night

Date nights can be mildly tricky. You don’t want too much fuss, but you want things to be a tiny bit posh. New York Pizza in Homewood is the absolute best. If you’re ever wanting a “Lady and the Tramp” vibes for date night, this is the place. The ambience takes you right to Brooklyn and the food will solidify this. Even New Yorkers who visit admit that this place is a real gem. It’s also amazingly priced so that even if it’s a splitsies first date or casual night the boyfriend, no one ends up broke.

If you really want to go for the Lady and the Tramp vibe, spaghetti included, check out Giuseppes Cafe. Fair warning, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. It’s a bit off the beaten track, but the food is absolutely amazing. Out of all of my options on this list, this one is the best economically. They give you a ton of food and their Chicken Alfredo can put Olive Garden to shame. The dim lighting and Italian background music also adds a romantic flare that’s sure to spark your date.

For Family

Food with family is even worse than with friends. Everyone has an opinion, but no one makes an executive decision. Bright Star is sure to satisfy everyone. With tons of Southern favorites and a killer menu, no wonder it’s a favorite of Sanda Bullock. This spot is great for all family gatherings and should satisfy every age group. The 50’s esque setting is also sure to have a casual/formal feel whether it be dinner or lunch.


If you can’t make up your mind, and you’re an early riser, Pepper Place Marketplace is the place to go. Located in the heart of downtown and opening is the early hours of 6ish in the am, Pepper Place is a great way to spend your Saturday mornings. Tons of vendors and booths with something to peek everyone’s interest. Dream Cakes Cupcake truck also makes an appearance, which is honestly, the only thing that could wake me up this early.

Thank You for tuning in to today’s post! I seem to be going steady with the Lifestyle category. Comment below and tell me what are your favorite eats in Birmingham, or your own city!

Stay Chic


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