10 Ways to Make Your Bond Stronger

In the year of 2017 everything is fast. We get our food fast, we get our information, daily needs, and even love,  at a steady fast pace. It’s so easy to get into a routine of a good morning text or email, and don’t get me wrong, those are great and they make both of you feel super special, but what if you exchanged that text for a five minute call during your commute or while you’re doing your makeup? I’m no relationship expert, but I can tell you, these things matter in making your ties in your relationship stronger. Today I wanted to share with you y 15 tips for strengthening the bond in your relationship.

  1. Laugh Together

So many people take their relationships super seriously, and they should, but it shouldn’t be to a point you forget why you are together. For company! The whole point of a significant other is to have someone you can unapologetically be yourself with. Brighten his day by showing him that funny thing you saw on the internet. You both will laugh, not to mention laughing is said to lower the stress hormone cortisol. You never know how those laughs might just turn into kisses before the night is over with.

2. Tell Him the Small Things

The other day in the car my boyfriend and I were riding together and I played one of my newer songs from my playlist, and he was super surprised that I liked country music. Even though it’s not his favorite genre, it was still interesting for him to find out something new about me.Share the hobbies or new finding that you’re into. Especially in long distance relationships, these things can be super significant and you won’t feel like you’re losing touch with your S.O. You never know how those small things, might just be big thing to the other person.

3. Ask About Their Familysub-buzz-7128-1489533664-8.png

It’s no secret that you’re not going to be head over heels for everyone your S.O. has in their life, but then again that same thing could be said about you. Take interest and ask him about his family and friends.You may come to find you have more in common with them than you think.

4. Put the Phone Down

This one is so important. There are countless memes on the internet about S.O.s going through each other’s phones, hiding phones, and it’s all dumb. You’ve never seen someone preparing for the Olympics put on ankle weights before running? Because it’s dumb and you’ll lose before you start. I know it’s super hard to let go of your phone and you want to stay up to date on all things. Take some time to put the phone in the deep trenches of your purse and pay attention on your date. Ask your guy to do the same. this will help you guys to make deeper connections without your phones being in the middle of you. It’s also just politeness, and it will keep strife form curiosity from forming between you.

5. Make a Routine Together

sub-buzz-25373-1489434111-1.pngRoutines are great. Don’t you have that special love for that coffee maker that goes off on a timer? You look forward to it and you know it’s gonna be there. Make a routine with your guy. You don’t have to live together to do this either. You guys might schedule a phone call during the day or even a weekly date. Making something that both you guys can look forward too will create space for your relationship even when things are hectic, plus if you guys aren’t able to meet you’re both going to feel that “thing” missing from your week and know what it really means to you.

6. Be Honest Up Front

Honesty and communication are the life of a relationship. Without communication, the entire foundation of your relationship will crack and without honesty, thats basically water damage, creating a giant oreo of a disaster. I’ve rescently had to learn this lesson and honestly it’s not fun. By honesty, I’m meaning don’t paint a pretty picture. Be transparent and tell him what you mean, that way if conflict ensues, there’s nothing under the rug to trip over. If you book beautycon with your girls and forgot it’s the same week as  something you planned to do together, tell him. Because saying it’s your “cousins birthday thing” or something equally stupid will come back to bite you when he finds your instagram feed full of pictures from another city.On another hand, ask for the same honesty in him. Honesty can be painful sometimes but it’s better to be upfront, than to have a mini double life going on.

7. Be thoughtful

Being thoughtful doesn’t always mean gifts. Being thoughtful can be as simple as helping sub-buzz-16889-1489187677-1.png
fold laundry or giving space when you know it’s needed. Being thoughtful can spread to all of your relationships and help you to be a more caring person. Being thoughtful will let others know that they matter to you in a physical manifestation, because after all, actions speak much louder than words.

8. Ask for Help

Guys love this, not only are you appealing to their ego, you’re getting your needs met. Everyone loves being appreciated, guys especially. So if you need help with that weird squeak in your door or even help with work numbers, get him to help. He will feel appreciated that  you asked and value his opinion and you will have gotten the help you needed.

9. Compliments, Compliments, Compliments.

Tying in with number 8, compliments are a must. It’s easy, especially after you’ve been together for a while, to forget to compliment the other person. Everyone likes to feel special and wanted. Guys feel the same way. Take notice in the new tie he is wearing, or if you notice he’s working out more, tell him. It’s be awkward at first, but be truthful and honest, it’ll make him feel good and make you happy to see him happy.

10. Talk it Up

sub-buzz-2872-1489442597-1.pngObviously you guys had to communicate to get together, channel that same spirit! All of these things are useless if you guys don’t talk about how you feel to one another. Communication can solve almost everything and never make the other person doubt where they stand in your life.





I hope you enjoyed todays blog post. It’s a bit different than my usual postings and hopefully I can put together more lifestyle pieces! Have a great day and Stay Chic!



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