My Hair Care Routine!

Hair, we all have it and wear it everyday, so why not take care of it? Today I thought I’d share my haircare routine with you!

Step 1:

prep tab.png

You can pretty much take or leave this aspect of my routine but I feel that it helps. Most of my haircare days take place after the gym. I only wash my hair on Wednesdays and Sundays with sometimes a stretch in between. After the gym I usually shake out my bun or ponytail and fluff my hair with my fingers. While doing thisI rub the pads of my fingers into my scalp to bring up all of the oils. I then take a wide tooth comb and comb through the hair to keep the oils coming and also to take out any knots.

Step 2:

shampoo and conditioner tab.png

IMG_7058.JPGI’ve rescently highlighted my hair and with take takes a lot of care. I’ve been loving the
color care duo. It keeps my hair soft and safe from looking brassy. It doesn’t add shine which is a bummer but the care qualities are really great. I use these in the usual order and try to leave the conditioner on for 10 minutes.

Step 3:


After the shower I put on a microfiber towel. This really helps with breakage and to really soak up excess water while I do other body care. Most towels secure in a twist motion to help ring out most of the water

Step 4:


After I remove the microfiber towel, the hair is usually a bit “tight”. I’ve been using IMG_7060.JPGthe Pantene Spilt End Repair Cream on my ends to seal the cuticle. This is really important if you hair color treated, dry, or damaged hair. I really began to see results after the 2nd wash, but you can also apply the product to dry hair. This adds a touch of shine and doesn’t weigh the hair down.

Step 5:


I promise, it’s not a lot of product build up. I love the —– spray conditioner. It really IMG_7059.JPGmakes my hair smooth and soft through the air drying process. I usually spray this 20 to 30 minutes after I’ve applied the repair serum. Another tip is to part your hair the way you usually wear it to know where to “shape” the conditioner. Depending on where your highlights are, your bangs or ends might need more attention.

Step 6:


After another 30 minutes I usually apply 3 drops of the L’Oreal Extraordinary Lustrous Oil. It helps to seal the products in and truly give my hair oil moisture. This product is also IMG_7057.JPGgreat on dry hair. After that I continue to let my hair air dry. I do my best to never use a blow dryer because I use heat styling.

Step 7:


Air drying takes about 4 hours ( or 3 and 1/2 episodes of Scandal). I section my hair off from IMG_7056.JPGtop to bottom and then separate those sections for straightening/ waving. Because of my recent hair cut my waves are more curly. I like for my hair to have waves with texture. Before I straighten I spray the Living Proof Instant restore spray, and let me tell you- I’ve never in my life had a hair spray this perfect. It is not at all sticky, it’s very light with no crunchy after feel. Most importantly- It hold the curls!!! Like 4 day crazy weekend curls still intact after 3 nights out + workouts hold! I have to say I am a one woman hairspray after this because it’s just that great.

Thank you so much for tuning in to today’s blog post! comment below and tell me if you enjoy any of these products as well, or you can tell me what your routine entails!

Stay Chic!




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