5 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day.

We can’t go anywhere without seeing candy hearts, date ideas, or Valentine’s Day Outfits. It can all be a little overwhelming and to us ladies without a current paramour it can be pretty dreary.Alas, this is a season of love, and who says you can’t show a little to just your little ole self?

  1. Get Some Air. Your lunges help fuel your entire body, it’s best to take care of them. Take a walk, whether it means getting out during the golden hour or just a stroll to wake yourself up. It’ll be a time to clear your mind before or after a long day, just to remind yourself of how special you are. b057d119803b03cc993ce15f2eada449
  2. Make Yourself Dinner. This is a biggie if you’re a college girl. Take some time to make yourself a nice healthy meal. Make enough for a couple days! That way you can enjoy it more than once, and it’ll keep you from making unhealthy food choices when it’s already prepped at home!
  3. Get Some Goodies. Probably not the ones you might be thinking of(but those are great too) try subscribing for an ipsy bag, or a birchbox, or any subscription really. Most offer Valentine’s promotions with a like oomph. Nothing like a package to brighten your day!
  4. Date Yourself. Send yourself some flowers, rent a movie, turn off the phone and chill. Most of us women are super givers, we give to work, family, boyfriends, friends and more. Very rarely do we get a day to be selfish and what other day than this one? So give your guy a pass this holiday ( he can love you all 364 other days right?) and take yourself out (or stay in).
  5. Do Something Special on Your Part. If you’re by yourself this holiday, its not a bad thing at all. If you have a lot of love to give, try giving to someone else. check out your local pet shelter and adopt a pet for a day. Check out a local nursing home and give a few smiles. If it’s on your heart to love others this holiday make someone else’s day and love yourself as well.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this post! what are your plans for Valentine’s day? Comment below and tell me!


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