What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag: Cruise Edition

Tropical makeup can be oh so tricky, especially when you’re going from winter to summer climate very quickly. Things can also get even more complicated when you add casual and formal occasions into the mix.



Urban Decay One and Done & Urban Decay Naked Skin

Sephora Bright Eyes

Colour Pop Brow Pencil

I kept my face products pretty simple. I brought a daytime and night time foundation. The only reall difference between these two is SPF and the UD foundation is better for photographs. The foundation is also an exact match to my skin tone where as the one and done has a more brightening effect. I am also so happy to have the sephora bright eyes in my collection again! This was an old favorite from a while ago. It was my first brightening concealer and after I ran out I found I was constantly mixing shades to get that same effect. The formula is the same ggreat one from before but the applicator has changed which is a real update. The previous applicator was a bit too stiff and didn’t distribute product well.I also like that the packaging is a bit more sturdier. As for brows I’m using the colour pop pencil in black n brown. I kinda wanted a more natural look in the tropical climate, but this product doesn’t more at all and with a little work I can get the natural look with the attached spooly.

Cheeks and Highlight


Nars South Beach

Smashbox LA Lights in Culver City Coral

Colourpop Highlighters in Honeymoon and Over the Moon

Cheeks was a bit much for me. I’ve favorited so many highlighters lately I couldn’t make a choice. Nars south beach has a very glowy bronze tone which will be great for photos. I chose this smashbox palette because it gives me two blush shades to shose from and a matching highlighter. I also brought my colourpop highlight favorites along to create my favorite looks.



Naked 2

Colour Pop:lala,drift,truth, mittens,

Liners:Stila Stay All Day liner in blackColourpop DTLA

Mascara: Maybelline the Rocket

I wanted a few goodies in the eye area. I’ve packed a bit tropical in the color area, so I thought I needed a few more colors. The naked2 can give me a really good foundation for basic shimmer and smoky eyes. The colourpop colors can give me a little more dimension and light.



Nars Dolce Vita

Colourpop: Tiger, I heart this, honey b, wolfie

Covergirl Strawberry Frappe

As for lips I kept everything sorta in the same palette with fuchsias and purples. The colourpop lippies are really moist and long lasting. Nars Dolce Vita is a really luxe color and I love it for a more high end look. Covergirl strawberry frappe is also a must for summer weather.


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