My Current Skincare Favorites

I have to say I’m a bit late on the skincare train. Even in high school I was never SUPER into skincare. In the past few years I’ve learned to take care of my skin and I’ve picked up a few new favorites!

I will start off by saying I have oily/combination skin. My T zone is a really affected area and sometimes my cheeks. The products listed below are some great options if you have similar problems.

First Aid Beauty Repair Cleanser

I’ve had this cleanser for two weeks, and I can honestly see a big difference in my skin. My IMG_6627.JPGbreakouts are fewer and my skin feels softer and more firm after using this product. I also notice that my skin is less oily throughout the day when I use it in the morning before my makeup. This product also comes in tons of sizes so you can definitely keep your favorites while traveling.

First Aid Beauty Facial Polish

Another great one for FAB. I really like this polish because it IMG_6630.JPGuses natural materials for the polish. I find that other products with micro beads or really hard sand dries out my skin or even aggravates it. I also like to use this polish for my shoulders. It’s just enough to get rid of dead skin, without being over powering.

Marcelle Clay Mask

This is one of the best masks ever. It is a bit slow to harden, so I think it’s more of a IMG_6626.JPGrelaxing mask. It’s also only 16$ so it doesn’t break the bank, and the size is great for travel. It also has a green hue and very creamy texture.I mostly use it around my T zone because it’s very good at getting rid of oils.

Urban Decay One and Done

I absolutely love this stuff. I would describe this as a high class BB cream. The product is described to better skin over time, and I feel like it really does. It has SPF which is a great addition, because it doesn’t make the product thicker. I love my UD naked skin foundation and I noticed that this is very very similar. It IMG_6629.JPGdoesn’t have that sunscreeny scent like some spf foundations. I included this  in my list because out of all of the spf foundations I have tried, this one is the best. I can’t wait to use this in tropical climate to see how it works with heat and humidity. It isn’t super moisturizing, so a primer or moisturizer before is a great idea.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

I got a sample of this when I picked up the FAB cleanser and after trying it at home I knew I had to have this moisturizer. The struggle has been so real to hydrate my skin this winter because it has been so dry. This cream really hydrates my skin. I’ve been using it at night before bed becuase I thought it would make my skin greasy, but that hasn’t been the case! This came in 2 two oz mini pack which is great for travel.


E.L.F. Eye roller

Lastly, is this little beauty from elf. As for long term effects, I have not seen any, but this eye roller really hydrates and tightens the skin around my under eye. I like to use it before I put on my makeup to liven up my skin this winter, also for 3$ who can resist?


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