My Trader Joes Favorites!

Grocery shopping is by far one of my least favorite tasks. If I do not have a complete and hammered list- I am worthless and usually leave with food items that aren’t exactly food items ie: cookies, random nut butter, and maybe a vegetable. But the food gods have shines upon me and after much overdue time I have discovered the hidden gem of grocery shopping- Trader Joe’s!

Even though I’m a Trader Joe’s newbie, I have accumulated a few favorites that I want to share with you guys!

1. Speculoos Cookies : I feel like I’ve needed these things all my life. They taste like the 50236-speculoos-cookies450.pngDelta Airline cookies they give you on the plane- but IT’S BETTER AND THEY AREN’T JUST GIVING YOU ONE TINY PACK! They are also vegan and in an odd way they feel lighter on the stomach than most sweets in general.

2. Baconesque Popcorn: This stuff has literally become trader-joes-baconesque-white-cheddar-popcorn.pnga huge roadtrip essential. I have no idea how it’s on so many vegan eating lists. It has a very smoky flavor with a back shot of white cheddar. I usually portion control these by putting them into the sandwich size zip lock bags because
I would honestly eat the whole thing. Plus they’re only 1.99 so stocking up is so easy, especially on a college student budget

3. Speculoos Cheesecake: THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! The crust is made from speculoos and the cheesecake is excellently blended with  cookie butter. It only has to be refrigerated which is a super bonus and the crust is still moist without getting watery. I have to say I was very impressed with the cheesecake. Some cheesecakes can be very sour-creamy and this one is not that! It has absolutely perfect texture and comes cut into bite size portions. These would be great chilled and served for a dinner party dessert!54342-speculoos-cookie-butter-cheesecake-bites

4. The Everyday Seasoning:If you like to cook and want to save time this is for you. It has garlic, pepper, salt and more! It’s a lot better than keeping a ton of spices and it comes with it’s own grinder.

5. TJ Chicken Pot Pie: I was very stupid  when I tried to cook this all at once becuase the box says potpie.JPGit can serve two people. This is a really good and quick dinner to be so cheap. It has tons of vegetables and is definitely not bad when you add a bit of the everyday seasoning.

6.Cookie butter!: OMG this stuff has become my essential ( much like all TJ things). I usually put a tablespoon on toast or a bagel and it is absolutely divine. This spread is made from speculoos and is the best sweet tooth satisfier. It isn’t as rich as nutella, but not as salty as peanutbutter. I can’t wait to try the crunchy version.TJ-speculoos-cookie-butter.jpg

DSC03359.JPG7. Chicken Noodle Soup: One thing I love about TJ is they have a real knack for sneaking in the healthy stuff. The chicken in here isn’t perfect like Campbell’s, which is
refreshing. There are a TON of veggies in here. Lots of carrots and peas plus it’s low fat and low sodium! Whole meal that will only set you back two bucks!

8. Pretzel Slims: Great alternative for chips, or if you just want87777-pretzel-slims.png something salty. They also have a version of this with the Everyday seasoning on top which is pretty satisfying. I could see these being a great addition to a dinner party spread. Another 1.99 goodie!

9.Fruit Wraps: I absolutely hate myself for only buying two of these. They were 49cents as singles and I grabbed them on my way out and upon putting them in my mouth I wanted to cry. They’re organic and made with real fruit so I feel much less guilty and I can’t wait to buy more!trader_joe_s_fruit_wraps_by_wlart12-d7xmooj.jpg

10. Guilt Free Mac and Cheese: This is great on nights where you want comfort-food, but you don’t want to add extra calories. Plus this beauty is only 1.99.


Hope you lovelies enjoyed this blog post! Comment below and tell me what your Trader Joe’s favorites are!


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