Colour Pop Haul!

Eeeek! I got my colour pop package today! I’m pretty sure the mail man is relieved/terrified that I meet him at his truck almost every time. Let’s get into this haul!


Colour Pop is so addicting becuase it’s so cheap, but the quality doesn’t suck. I feel like they have a leg up on elf becuase their site and products are a little bit more glamorous.

The first beauty I picked up was a Highlighter in the color “Over the Moon”. It’s white and shimmery with semi- chunky violet glitter. These were supposedly limited edition and I can see why. I tried it out today going to class cause, why not? But I really recommend saving this beauty for a night out or a leisure day becuase the colors are so out there. I highly recommend getting more dense brushes if you are using colour pop cosmetics. They really require a firm touch. The site says that using your fingers work too, but I’m not a huge fan of that.

The eyeshadows I got were called “Party Time” and “Arrow”. Arrow was apart of their now ultra glitter collection. I have to say I was kinda disappointed with this one becuase not only was it broken in the pan, but it seemed to be very dry, like it had been open. I know their stuff is hand made, but this sucked big time. It’s supposed to be a coppery red with pink shimmer. I think a bit of coconut oil will bring it back to life. Party Time was another story. It’s a purply matte with a hint of green undertone.I’m wearing it on my eyes today and I truly love the way it looks.

The liner I bought was in the color DTLA which is a navy blue. I really like the formula for this liner and it really stays on well for a pencil.I will definitely be buying more of these.

The last things I got were lip glosses. A metallic in the color “Wolfie” and a glossy finish in the color “Honey B”. I have to say Honey B is my favorite of the two. It’s a perfect fuchsia that you can wear daily. It’s a bit  thicker  than “Casino” which was in my last post. I think these will last a long time becuase a little goes a really long way with these colors. Wolfie is a bit more of a night out or special occasion color. It reminds me of Nars Super Orgasm.

Overall I’m very pleased with this haul and I may have ordered more (oops). Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Check out my last post to get in on my Halloween Giveaway! Stay Chic!


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