Colour Pop + Kyshadow + Review!

I am currently a squealing victim of internet marketing and proud new owner of all the pretty things! Today was mail day and I have finally received my color pop order and another order from kylie cosmetics!

Kyshadow: Rose Gold

I love the Kardashians just as much as the next girl, not to mention I’m a total sucker for anything rose gold. This shadow has very high quality packaging. The bottom is real glass and the lid is a good plastic. The product itself is very malleable. I wish there was more shimmer, but the pigment is more on the red-pink side than a true pink. The feel is very tacky and in my opinion, must be used with a primer. I’ve created a few looks with the Covergirl Roses Pallet which really complement this shadow. If you want more shimmer out of shit shadow I’d recommend putting a light dusting of Urban Decay’s Sin on top. Overall I love this and could see myself traveling with it and I really hope Kylie expands her cosmetics line!


Colour Pop

Now onto the mini mother load! I’ve heard the buzz around Colour Pop for some time now, and I finally caved and placed and order. I’m gonna be honest and just say that usps sucks becuase it took a week and a half for these to get here. Either way, they came in very cute packaging. It was very trippy to be becuase my line box was blue and the liner was brown, but I guess it’s just their packaging.

First up is the bronzer Happy Hour . It is so hard to find a good bronzer for darker skin without the tone clashing. This bronzer is matte and there is a lot of product. I love the swatch so maybe this is my oneway ticket onto the contour train.

I also got the highlighter called Butterfly Beach. I’m really excited to use this becuase it has a very cream/powder feel. Most highlighters either lay on top becuase of their powderyness or wipe off when blending becuase they’re cream. I feel like this one would be a good match for me.

I thought the lip gloss Casino would’ve been more pink, but to me it’s a bit more berry. I have similar colors to this one, so it won’t hurt to have another.




Lastly I got the gel liner called Call Me. I’m a big fan of the Stila Damsel, and I wanted to try this because of the price alternative. It has some purple tones in it which is really pretty on my skin tone.

Overall I am very happy with Colour Pop. I love that the price is very low, shipping is even low but free with 30 purchase! I’m pleased with the size of the products and the quality is great.

Hope you girls enjoyed today’s post, Stay Chic!

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