Things I’m Loving Right Now! Fall Edition

Hello Lovelies, fall is in the air as well as inspiration! I am so excited for the season change and a chance to cheer for football and (more importantly) try all the fall things! Today I descided to include a few items that I’ve been loving rescently. Comment below and tell me which is your favorite!

  1. Iced Vanilla Latte from Starbucks: It might seem so basic, but I am so converted. Ever since a new Starbucks was constructed next to my dorm I’ve been so addicted and IMG_6367.JPGbecuase frapuccinos aren’t exactly the best health option I wanted to try something else if I was going to be a regular. I usually ask the barista for a little bit less ice (you get more drink this way), I follow with a few shakes of the vanilla powder, a splash of 2%, and 2 splenda and I’m left with excellence.
  2. Aerie Hi-Neck Boho Bralette: I’m obsessed with bralettes, becuase sometimes real bras are just meh. I really like these becuase they are super soft and airy( lol). They also come in a ton of sizes and I like that the high neck keeps a bit more modesty and coverage.
  3. Energy Exhale Bra: I got this bra on mark down and I have to say I am very impressed. I feel like the extra straps give more support. I wore this bra to spin and I absolutely love it.
  4. Colour Pop: This is probably one of my most favorites of this list. I saw some lipsticks on instragram and did some digging and wound up finding my new addiction. As a brand- this store is awesome. I’m a sucker for LA vibes and their witty FAQ section is a nice touch. I like how personal their brand is and how all of the product descriptions are different.
  5. Free People LA Nights Tank: The newest and loveliest collections to my closet. With such a cheap prices point I can’t help but buy them all, not to mention they are extremely well made and super comfy. They aren’t see through and look great with almost everything! So if you have 20$ and and want a more beachy edge to your closet, I’d say this is the one for you. Psst: They are also on sale at Nordstrom
  6. Quay Sunglasses: This purchase came after a serious case of FOMO from a few instagram posts. They were on sale at Nordstrom and I couldn’t resist. The glasses img_6363are really great quality and come in tons and tons of styles.
  7. Ocean Bella Hawaii Jewlery: I absolutely love this jewelry line! The owner  is so kind
    and sweet! I found her shop on etsy and could not close the page without ordering one. All of the pieces have a very classy-bohemian chic look to them. They come in all price ranges and are extremely stylish. You can check out the necklace I am wearing as well as her site and use the code BELLA25 for 25% off her site jewelry.

I hope everyone is enjoying their last few sunny days before we get to that true fall weather! Be sure to comment below and tell me what things you are loving, we might have some in common!



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