September Beauty Favorites!

That weird season has started where it’s not summer, it’s not fall and every is obsessed with pumpkin spice. The struggle in the beauty department is totally real, but here are a few products that made it a little bit easier for me.

Nars Larger Than Life Lipgloss in Como: I love this lipgloss because although it’s a very berry like color, it goes on light and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this during summer. The formula is very thick so application can prove to be a bit tricky. Overall I think this is a great gloss and the packaging is to die for.

Garnier SkinActive Clean + Purifying Oil-Free Cleansing Towelettes: I happened upon these little beauties while on vacation and they are a gem. The towelettes I brought with me were too harsh and I needed something lighter.These do their job very well and don’t come anywhere near breaking the bank.

L’ORÉAL Brow Stylist Definer: I’ve had a bit of a brow catastrophe these past few weeks. I couldn’t find anything that really worked and my old products were just a no go. I lurked around the internet until I found a recommendation (and coupon) for this. I find it very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills pencil. I got the dark brunette color and so far I’m really pleased and could see myself buying this again.

Smashbox Culver City Coral Pallet: I have been wanting this pallet forever, not to mention I already raved about the Malibu berry version. I’ve always loved coral blushes and this is great. All of the versions of this pallet come with a lighter and darker blush plush a highlight. I really like these for traveling and I took it to LA which was only fitting.

Simple Ultra Light Moisturizer: I usually switch my moisturizers with the seasons and this moisturizer is a clear gel and very hydrating (It was also on clearance at Walgreens for 79 cents!!!). I’ve had great luck with the simple products in the past and this was no exception.

As summer winds down, (but not quite) I’m loving the darker hues and the lovely fashions coming out. Stay tuned for more favorites and posts to come!
L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer • L’Oreal • $8.99

Smashbox ‘L.A. Lights’ Blush & Highlighter Palette • Smashbox • $35

NARS Lip Gloss • NARS • $26

Garnier The Soothing Remover Cleansing Towelettes for Sensitive Skin – 25 Count • Garnier • $4.99


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