5 Days in LA!

Alas! It’s taken me so long to compile the many photos I took on the previous week’s vacation, but it’s finally here! From the Grove to the traffic and the Lorna Jane store we go!

Day 1: Manhattan Beach


Free People Tanks are a Godsend

LA in general is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The only caveat to that statement, is that said city, is very big and spread out so I descided to take it in pieces. Luckily, my hotel was a few miles from the beach, and provided a shuttle. The ride wasn’t very long, maybe five minutes, and included lots of scenic views. Because ourIMG_6103 flight landed later in the afternoon, it was a bit of a struggle to get our bearing for exploring when it’s dark. Downtown Manhattan Beach was by far one of the most dreamiest places I’ve ever been. I was here briefly a few years ago and it’s just as gorgeous as I remember it, only better! Tons of juice places, boho style clothes and of course beautiful scenery. Sadly it was very dark very quickly and we didn’t have a chance to get any shopping done and settled for the hotel restaurant, which wasn’t half bad.

Day 2:Tours and Hollywood Highland

I’m a huge tour person, and the last time I was in LA the tour was so good it was all weIMG_6144 could talk about. This year the guy seemed to be a bit of a stickler for time, but kind of an idiot for parking. Either way we made it work. We started


The Venice Canals were beautiful

through Marina del Rey which was really pretty and really posh. Kind of a watery version of Beverly Hills. From there we went to Venice beach where we were able to disembark (for all of 30 minutes!). Venice was really cool and lots of colors. I loved the diversity of the people and how cute the city was. We got to walk along the beach and check out the t-shirt shops. It was really cool to see how active everyone was! So many surfers and body builders! From there we went through Santa Monica which was very lively and colorful to Bel Air. This part of


From the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

the tour felt very rushed in my opinion, I know they can’t linger in front of the houses forever, but dude could’ve given us 10seconds. Although I did get a snap of one very famous house. We headed down the hill through Beverly
Hills and Rodeo drive on to Hollywood. We were given 40 IMG_6175.jpgminutes at Hollywood and Highland which wasn’t bad at all. There are the stars on the sidewalk and lots of characters dressed up and of course everyone trying to get a picture of the sign. There is also a mall inside which wasn’t half bad, but it seemed like there were more eateries than stores. I personally was dying to get my hands on a slice of California pizza kitchen but was talked out of it (sigh). From there we headed to the Grove and Farmers market! The smells there were absolutely the best, and trying to pick what to

eat was quite the challenge (even when you only have 55 minutes *eyeroll*). I chose this cute little Italian restaurant which had Chicken Alfredo. It was kinda basic but smelled so good I couldn’t resist. From there the tour was over and we went back to the hotel for a nap and a long overdue Starbucks.

Day 3: Back to Manhattan Beach!

I couldn’t get Manhattan off the brain so I had to go back! I have to say this was one of my favorite days of this vacation and I’ll forever remember it. Directly after getting off the shuttle I ran into *drumroll please* LORNA JANE! There are no LJ stores on my side of the country and this was a huge spot on my bucket list(You can also check out my LJ vs IMG_6185.jpgLululemon post Here). The store was so lively and pink and everyone was so nice! I walked out with 2 tanks, a sports bra and a pair of shorts, though I wish I’d have gotten more shorts. All the more excuse to go back! From there we went to the instafamous restaurant Lemonade. I have to say everything was very insta worthy, but Lemonade made me nervous. Great IMG_6184atmosphere, but I’m sure everyone could totally tell I wasn’t a local. I ordered a Turkey sandwich with pesto bacon, tomato and other healthy stuff with a side of their famous white truffle mac and cheese. I also tried the blueberry mint IMG_6182lemonade which at this moment is making my mouth water because it was so great.From there we walked to the beach which was very 90210ish and watched everyone running and playing volleyball and it was honestly a dream come true. There were also lots of top brand names on the avenue coming down to the pier which I actually didn’t spend money on so, that’s a one in a million.IMG_6193.jpg


Into the Uber We go!

We took the shuttle back to the hotel for some overdue naps and tried the mysterious app called uber. It was actually very simple to use and our driver was very nice! (want a free ride? Use my uber code! )That night we went to the grove for dinner and to check out the shops. That night we were on our way to the grave and ran into- Tay Digs! It was honestly the weirdest thing ever! we were buying sunglasses from the same booth! I didn’t want to take a picture because he was with his kids and wearing sunglasses but just to see a IMG_6204tv star I died! From there I went to Nordstrom where I scored some pretty nice deals and took in the great makeup selection. We ate at this place called Mixology which was a rooftop bar type deal. The prices weren’t bad and their ambiance was very cool. The olympics played on the screens while we ate and we got to look down and watch all of the people walking in the grove. I ordered kobe beef sliders with bacon, caramelized onions and American and they were fantastic.IMG_6210 I loved the California weather and how it wasn’t humid at all! The night was cool and we walked the grove and enjoyed the scenery and it was overall a great night. IMG_6207.jpg

Day 4: Santa Monica!

Day four was probably the most packed day of the vacation. Santa Monica is probably the most beautiful and most packed place ever. SM was a little bit more expensive than some of the other parts of LA, but I can see why. Staring of – I GOT TO VISIT THE BIGGEST IMG_6219LULULEMON STORE EVER! Probably not ever, but the biggest I’ve seen. Honestly side point – everyone in LA was super super nice, I’m southern, and they were honestly more than southern nice, if that’s even possible. Back to the main point- I became the proud IMG_6223.jpgnew owner of a new pair of inspire tights and energy exhale bra! SM was filled with lovely shops and a delightful Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. I also got to walk down to the pier and see the famous beach side amusement park and the lovely beach side highway. After walking I checked out the famous Umami burger joint which I have to say was impressive. I ordered onion rings instead or fries and got a bacon cheese burger with avocado and yes I’m one of those girls who cleans her plate, not that it was a hard feat to do in this case.


Day 5: Hotel and Airport Adventures!

IMG_6260.jpgDay 5 was honestly a massive layover/ Starbucks binge. We checked out of the hotel at 12 which kind of sucked becuase our plane didn’t leave until later in the night. I mostly bummed around in Starbucks on the internet and checked out the astronomically
expensive gift shop that conned me into spending $3.50 on gummy bears. After becoming so antsy we finally made our way to the airport. LAX is by far one of the most stimulating airports ever because it’s just so much stuff in it. Our terminal just so happen to have *drum roll* a Lemonade! I has happy as ever to IMG_6261.jpgdive back in for one last time and tried a different type of sandwich than before. I don’t remember the name but it was a type of turkey on chibata. I then made my way down the terminal to be nosy and check out the Starbucks competitor Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and I have to say if they ever make it farther east I will be all over it.

I have to say I am so happy and so blessed to have taken this trip to my favorite city and I can’t wait to go back (maybe even move there?!). I hope you enjoyed this blog post and check out my social media links as well as my video I filmed while in LA!

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