What’s in my Carry On 2016

Hello All, As you may know from my somewhat sporadic presence, this summer has been very busy which means the end will have some much overdue fun. So to make up with my lack of presence and need of fun, I’m going to LA! Commence listening to the summer playlist below and checkout what’s in my carry on !

-Headphones: obvious, yet so forgotten. These things are the life and death of yo


Found on Etsy!

ur travel. I’m paranoid and thus I pack two pair. I recommend stashing them in an inside pocket and only there for the entire trip, that way you won’t have to go digging around every time you need them.

-Eye mask: during the day, sitting next to the window, can be a beautiful, but annoying venture. An eye mask is great for blocking out the light and catching Z’s when needed, plus, they head strap kinda keeps your headphones in place too.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.34.29 PM.png

Best Tee ever, if you have 20$ and a tend to be chilly,this is great.

-Extra outfit: I’ve seen it a thousand times, someone has something spilled on them, bags get lost, I’ve even seen baggage dropped in the ocean (while boarding a cruise). Packing an extra outfit can save your life, and sanity. I chose a light JCrew long sleeve for a comfy feel and a pair of Lululemon shorts. Although I freeze most of the time, shorts don’t take up much space and they’re only a back up.

– Socks: Thick fluffy socks, because yes, I’m that person that makes a nest in the seat and acts like they own that tiny space.

-Scarf: the bigger the better, a blanket is kinda a pain to carry and thus the blanket scarf was invented.

-Empty water bottle: I recently heard of this trick and wanna try it on this trip. I’m a huge water junkie, and rumor has it, you can bring a water bottle as long as it’s empty, through security and onto the plane to fill up. I find this to be genius and not to mention cost effective.

-Sunglasses: basically the eye mask that you can see through and is more socially acceptable.ae198ffbd1c4a7cb463a35063047ce4a

-Actual Books: Because airplane internet is fickle and real books are more instagram worthy.

– Zzzquil: because sleep is sometimes evasive.

Thanks for checking out todays blog post! Here’s a treat for all you travel bugs out there. 50% Off all styling tools + Free US Shipping code: HAIRTOOLS50



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