How to Bend and Not Break When You are Overwhelmed

We all know that exhausted feeling of constantly running everywhere. The coffee, the gas, the time, the due date. All things to literally drive us to the brink of insanity until a long weekend or vacation slowly pulls us back from the edge.

Burned out is like falling out of love. It happens slowly and then all at once. As someone who has in the past few month, bitten off a lot more than she could chew, it’s a terrible feeling. Being burned out happens to the best of us. It doesn’t mean you don’t love what you’re doing, whether it’s school, work, or anything else. It just means your routine has expired and thats okay.

  • Take some time off. Too much of anything, even if it’s good, is not always good for you. Sometimes a 24 break to yourself is all you need to have a new lease on life. It’s kinda like a detox, but for your attitude.So take that day, drink some water,lounge around, try an avocado mask. All of these relaxation techniques make you sharp for the next work day.
  • Motivate yourself. Motivation can be just the inspiration you need to get you started. Plan a vacation, save for that Chloé bag. Take a picture and hang it at your desk so that when you’re feeling more drab than fab, you can remember what you’re working for.
  • Compete with yourself. Sometimes you need that extra push. After Michael Jordan beat everyone else, he tried to beat himself by playing the game within the game. So check last semesters grades or last quarters numbers. Pick a strategy on how you can beat those numbers and out do yourself next time. Not only is this a great practice to keep, you will have so much more confidence and drive than before.
  • Eat better. You wouldn’t put cheap gas in a Ferrari, so don’t eat junk. What you grab at lunch can determine how the rest of your day plays out. A heavy greasy burger can can slow down your metabolism and make you feel sluggish back at the office. Opt for something lighter such as grilled chicken or a salad pizza. Trade your soda or latte for a smoothie or sparkling water. Having your body fueled correctly can put you in the state you need to finish and be at your best.

Thank you for tuning in to NiorChic today! Be sure to check out my other posts for more summer inspiration and follow me for more! Stay Chic!


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