5 Beauty Secrets I learned in My Twenties

Your twenties are the best years of your life. You are young and beautiful and no one can tell you what to do, you career is blasting off,your metabolism is as high as it ever will be.Your 20s are about learning who you are and learning about yourself. Today I wanted to give you guys my take on the things I’ve learned since turning into my second decade of life.

 1.Moisturizer Really is The Best. It took me a ton of time to jump on this bandwagon, and I honestly don’t get why. Over the years I’ve learned that skincare is a balancing act between cleansing,moisturizing, exfoliation and SPF. Without one you kinda fall apart. I have oily skin, so I tend to grab for light formulas. Here are a few of my favorites.

2. You Don’t Need That Much Stuff. I can honestly not tell you how many products I’ve thrown out over the years because they either didn’t work, or I fell out of love with them. It’s great to try things but know your limit. Ask yourself will you really love this later. Other wise you will end up with 6 sticks of eyeliner in the same shade of blue and nothing to do with them when that’s not your style anymore.

3. You Learn to Look at Ingredients. Almost everyone warns us to look at the ingredients on what we consume, whether it’s what we eat, drink, or even put on our face. Only recently did I actually learn to heed this. Not only is it great so, ya know, won’t be poisoned or have an allergic reaction. It helps you learn what really works for you. After tons of acne products, I realized that benzol peroxide worked for my acne,while salicylic acid gave me a rash.

4. YOU REALLY DO NEED YOUR SLEEP! I know your twenties advertise ate nights and parties, but sleep is honestly the best thing. After no choice nights of late studying, in bed by 9 is actually pretty great. It makes me focused and well rested to be at my best during the day, and it cuts back on the effect of dark circles and that fatigued look.

5.Acceptance. Your twenties is the decade you realize a lot about yourself, and though this is my first year end acceptance has become the best thing I’ve learned so far. Accepting myself as I am whether it be my body type, quirky features, or my overall sense of self, has been a journey that I’m still on and I cannot wait to see what this wonderful decade holds.

Thanks for tuning into todays blog post! What beauty secrets have you learned in your twenties? Comment and tell me!


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