Packing for Memorial Day Weekend

As many of you know Memorial Day is steadily approaching and many of us are running low on time to pack. Never the less, I have come to (hopefully) save the day by providing my packing list pinboard Here as well as sharing what’s in my suitcase for Memorial Day weekend!

Although it’s only a long weekend vacay, my anxiety levels are still high. New Orleans has a lot of variables in the packing department. First one being the heat, one can fight the heat ( light tops and nothing form fitting) or simply succumb to the packing of many tops, setting spray and deodorant. I’ve descided to be resilient and do both. We are traveling by Amtrack, so many of my traveling day tops are long sleeved because the train can be cool. You can check out my Amtrack Spill over here.
IMG_5843Currently, the weather is leaning toward the 80s with some possibly cooler nights. I thought this top was just flowy enough to be cool yet stylish and complement the white shorts. So Far I’m keeping my jewelry simply with layering pendants and a few pairs of earrings.







This outfit was made with possibly having dinner in mind or incase I didn’t want to have bare arms. The Chambray shirt is light and adds structure to the look which I really like. I love this tank from Target because it’s long without being maternity or droopy looking and the Lily shorts add color to the minimalist nod.



I thought these two tops were pretty cute to wear with jean shorts on a relaxing day.I love that they are both so different and summery, but not so much of a statement they can’t match with anything else. I always pack an extra top/outfit because you never know when a stain or spill or accident might happen and you need a new shirt.

I was personally very wary of the strappy sandal trend. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but these IMG_5826.JPGSam Edelman ones were just safe enough that if I wasn’t a fan, I didn’t invest that much in the trend to be upset if it went out. I also packed my platinum Georgica Jack Rodgers because they were a kind of neutral for all my outfits and they’re walking ready.

This is the current makeup situation, a few new pieces, but nothing particularly IMG_5840.JPGinteresting. You can check out my beauty tab if you’re interested in details!

Thank you guys so much for tuning in today! To Thank you, I’ve provided you guys with some coupon codes from Nume and Lulu’s!

Click the Nume Link above for a Nume curing wand for 19.99 or 10$ off your next Lulu’s order so that you can have fabulous hair and fashion for your trips! Stay tuned for more travel madness ahead! Also Check out how I packed all these goodies!

Comment below where you are going fro the holiday!


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