Things I’m Loving Right Now

I’m sure everyone has noticed my lack of favorites posts and I’m completely guilty (insert appropriate emoji). Today I wanted to make up for my lack of favorites posts with a lumping of all of them together for one massive “need to have list” all on one page for you!

Essie PolishMy current favorites are Naughty Nautical, Bump Up the Pumps, and Style Hunter. Picking spring colors was difficult this round because I literally wanted to buy the entire display. Never the less, these picks were good ones. I like that they are both really different form each other, but still keep that spring vibe!

Nars South BeachI’ve raved about this before and I’m still in love. It’s really hard to 0607845015031find a good bronzer for my skin but this one is great. It highlights without being over powering and it lasts all day long.


Love Shampoo & Conditioner: I’ve been looking for something to combat the frizzies 41FI7VOE-OL._SX450_and this has answered my prayer. I was skeptical when I got this in my birchbox, but this is absolutely divine. It leaves my hair so silky and healthy looking.


Benefit Roller LashI know this mascara is a go to for so many people, but I literally benefit_rollerlash_900x900thought someone was going to have to pry my they’re real mascara from my dead hands, but alas I’ve been converted! This mascara really did away with the need for an eyelash curler, and I love the staying power! The formula is also really smooth and doesn’t leave clumps!


Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and be sure to check out my Last Post! Stay Chic!




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