Spring Break Essentials 2016!

Hello Everyone! I apologize for the disappearance, midterms were killer, but there’s one redemption factor….SPRING BREAK IS NEXT WEEK! With that said, today I’d like to tell you about my Spring Break Essentials! 

CamelBak: I love my Camelbak water bottle. The straw is great because you don’t have to 90110ef1e27a8f283f7b59735b964124.jpgdeal with unscrewing the top, not to mention the Eddy bottle carries 750ml so you will definitely stay fueled. This can also help the environment by not using so many plastic bottles and save money because who wants to pay for water? Not this girl.

Sunglasses: I know these are probably a given ,but still. I really love these. I have two pair 3126and they are awesome and not to mention they’re cheaper so you won’t cry if you lose them.

Sunscreen: Another staple, but I find that the spray versions are much less sticky and they lock so they don’t spill all over your bag.

Crossbody Bag: I love crossbodys to being with but these are amazing. The chained end makes it hard for thieves to cut your strap and the saffiano leather makes it super easy to clean.

best-mini-beauty-products-travelMini Beauty Products: I love mini products because they’re cute. Just kidding, they’re actually really functional and I also recommend looking into two in one products and drug store alternatives. Looking for ones with SPF is also and awesome choice.

Dry Shampoo: I don’t know about you, but if I can save my blow out on vacay,I surely will. I know showering is inevitable, but between the pool and going for burgers dry shampoo can give you a little oomph.

Baby Wipes: No one has time for mess when they’re having fun. Travel sized baby wipes can cut down on mess both in the car and everywhere else.

Romper: It’s one whole outfit. Don’t have to pick pants or anything need I go on? Not to mention it makes your legs look fabulous.

Leg Makeup:How can you have a lovely leg show without perfect legs? This stuff is my holy
Airbrush_lotion grail for summer. It has a slight shimmer and it doesn’t transfer onto clothes.Psst, it comes in travel size!

Layers: I can’t count how many times I’ve gone to the beach and it’s been windy or have a chill. A cardigan or light long sleeve is perfect mix of effortless comfort for spring break. These are super comfy, soft, and great for summer.

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! Comment below and tell me where you are going fro spring break and what are your essentials!




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