My Yoga Flow

With spring trying so desperately to get here, I thought I’d write a quib about something I’ve been really into lately, yoga. I’ve written many pieces about my fitness journey but I never really spoke of yoga particularly. 

My introduction to yoga began with my new found fondness for Lululemon. I really enjoyed their yoga philosophy of embracing yoga as a way of life and not just an exercise. I started off incorporating yoga into my exercise routine for stretching and cool down. I’ve often done video yoga sessions from youtube with friends and it’s always enjoyable. My favorite routine is the Lululemon yoga seawheeze training yoga. Most of these videos are based around strengthening the body and calming the mind. I still consider myself a beginner yogi. I hope to gain more experience and attend more classes with time because the benefits of yoga are phenomenal. It really helps to calm my mind if I’m stressed or worried. It makes me happy in a way that isn’t just blowing off steam the way lifting or cycling does.I recommend yoga to everyone because it’s not just a body thing but and everything thing that can benefit your overall health. I know it has for mine.


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