A Day in the Life: Birthday Edition!

Hello everyone! As many of you know if you follow me on Instagram, I turned 20! Whoop whoop! So in honor of this particular event I descided to do a Day in the Life post.
 IMG_5550I of course started of my day with makeup. I was super excited and in a very good mood so I did some things a little bit different.I try to rotate my makeup from home and collegeIMG_5553 frequently so I brought back my Naked 2 pallet. I really love the colors YDK and Busted so I used those and mixed in a couple others. My foundation was kinda basic and you can read about that spill here. As for new things I’ve been using the Smashbox LA lights blush in Beverly Hills and this random blue mascara from Ulta that was 99 cents, but I actually really like it.

The rest of the day was mostly filled with classes and all other else, but my besties IMG_5555treated me to a pedi after classes which was much appreciated. I got the Essie ‘Chantilly’ and my feet now feel as supple as a baby’s bottom. No more hooves for me!

That night we all went out for dinner at Mellow Mushroom which is an awesome pizza place. The ambiance was super chill and stimulating and the food was awesome. That night I wore a twist back top from Lulu’s my leather front leggings and my favorite booties. My accessories were all from Nordstrom.IMG_5566

IMG_5562Overall I have to say that the start of my 20th year was a pretty great one. Nothing beats great friends and a great time because memories stick with you forever.

In honor of my birthday I wanted to give a treat to my lovely followers. For 38$ you all can have the nume strightener that I used for my curls that night as well as FREE hydropunch shampoo AND conditioner and ALSO FREE SHIPPING! Check out Nume and use the code :NUME38



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