My 3 Favorite Trends Right Now.

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope your day has started off with a good start as mine began with sitting on a metal bench and not realizing how cold that would feel through paper thin leggings. Alas! I was inspired this morning to write a little quib for you all related to my favorite trends.

Beach Meets the Street. 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent most of this winter with a deep case of FOMO for all of these people celebrating Christmas and New Years on the beach. Not to mention I seriously believe the groundhog was sabotaged this year because it’s currently 28 in Alabama. The upside to this serious case of FOMO is the beautiful Pinterest board I’ve curated. Currently my favorite summer 2016 Staples are:

  • Textured Beach Waves (Duh)
  • Sassy Simple Tees
  • Palm Print
  • Birkenstocks (ROSE GOLD PLEASE!)
  • Colored Sunnies


Daily Athleisure

Cute workout clothes are my addiction. Not only are they an awesome investment if you take care of them, but their ways of styling are infinite. I have tons of posts on my favorite workout clothes and essentials. I’m super excited for this summer because so many brands are already looking extremely promising for summery prints and styles.

  • High Neck
  • Bright Prints
  • Mesh, Mesh Everywhere
  • Crop Top Sports Bra
  • All Wrapped Up





50 Shades of Neutral

I love print colors and prints, but I’m also a super neutral kinda gal. Blushes, taupes, and whites are my absolute favorites. They can go with almost anything and they’re not as mute as black. I love neutrals for summer because they are so light and most don’t hold as much heat, shout out to my southern state ladies.

  • White Cut Offs
  • That Tunic Though,
  • That One Sweater in Every Color that Goes With Everything
  • Nautical Sas
  • Dainty Jewelry Layers


Photos: Pinterest


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