My Top 5 Travel Tips!

Alas it is a new year girlies! Along with resolutions to save ,workout and be on time, travel is another resolution people make. My parents had the travel bug most of my childhood and today I wanted to give my top 5 travel tips!

  1. Have a Solid Plan. I’m a planner freak, I plan everything, and travel is no exception. I know that life is spontaneous and by planning you can help yourself to have more opportunities to be so. I always arrive early no matter my method of travel.Early for me is two to one hour. Traveling by air I like to be my earliest because I like to get through security and still have time to wander around before time to board. having a solid plan can also mean confirming all taxis, hotel, restaurant etc. plans.
  2. 67db29ba930ed78a47320a2a2bc853bf.jpgBe as Comfy as Possible. I never want to sacrifice style for comfort,because you can always to both! I love pairing a blanket scarf with leggings and a light long sleeve. The blanket can double as a pillow and of course, a blanket if need me. Comfy slides are also a necessity because of security and a lot of walking.
  3. Take Care of Yourself. Travel can be frustrating. I always pack a few
    “self care” items to ease the stress; a few tea packets, a clay mask to relax when I get to my hotel, and an eye mask.
  4. Organize Your Entertainment. I can’t count the times I’ve buried my magazine or headphones at the bottom of my carry on and been c04e6032e400e2d49f6c5482c49c7e68.jpgstuck in a dry day dream or uncomfortable napping situation. Be sure to stick your fun items on the outside pockets for easy access.
  5. Enjoy Yourself. No matter where you’re going be sure to have fun and stay safe.Do something you’ve never done before, order something new and you might find out something you never knew about yourself!

Hope Everyone enjoyed today’s post and had a Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for NiorChic!

*Photos are from pinterest


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