Lorna Jane VS Lululemon Showdown!

Hello all! It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here on the old blog, and to add a change of pace from the Christmas crazies I thought I’d tackle a showdown I’ve been meaning to for a long while. Lorna Jane is the hip, new and colorful Australian athletic apparel brand on the block and it’s been making waves with the Yanks, where on the other hand we have Lululemon, the crispy and classy brand from Canada that’s been in the US for quite some time. Today I’m going to compare and contrast the two to see who has the best digs! Who do you think will win?


With two mega brands such as these, one can already assume both of these brands have stellar quality, but what about compared to each other? Let’s start with Lulu. I have a descent collection of Lulu and I have to say I’m in love. Everything is extremely comfortable and I’ve never had a product to unravel or tear on me. Lulu has a lot of original material made by their own creation called “luxtreme”. It’s super comfy and buttery on the skin. All of my pieces have faired well in yoga, spin as well as to and from. I have to say that Lululemon sizing is rather tricky. Two products in the same size will fit me totally differently. I have to recommend shopping in store and of course online but only if you know the product well. I give Lulu an A- in quality.

Now on to Lorna. LJ products are in Australian sizing, which hasn’t ever given me a problem, but they do run on the small side. I have to say that sports bras run weird but I think that that is attributed to the cut of the bra, where as Lulu with note whether the bra fits a b/c or c/d cup. I have seen a bit of pilling on a few of my LJ pieces. I can usually get rid of them by using a razor, but still. They fair very well in the wash, but like lulu I hang them to dry. I give LJ a B in the quality department.


Each of these brands are very competitive in the price department. LJ has a little bit of head way in the fact of they run actual sales from time to time and their sales tab is usually chock full of stock in all sizes. Lulu is notorious for never having a “sale”, instead lulu has a system for markdowns and new stock. On Tuesdays Lulu will upload their new inventory and upload to their “We made too much” section the following Thursday. It’s a pretty great system in my opinion and gives my week something to look forward to.

Tights: The average Lulu tight runs from 88-112$, which isn’t bad because they’re such great quality.On sale, Lulu tights can get as low as 29$ from what I’ve seen and you can’t beat that with a stick. LJ Tights are pretty steady between 65- 125$, plus whatever discount they might be running. LJ tights can run as low as 45$ on sale which isn’t bad.

ShortsLJ shorts are pretty typical for most ranging from 34-65$. Lulu seems to run their shorts at a median of about 54$ unless it’s some limited edition pattern and then of course a lot get uploaded to the Thursday load.

Tanks: Lulu tanks run pretty wild and I guess that’s because it’s their bread and butter of product. I’ve seen them as low as 29$ on the WMTM section and they usually have a large stock. Regular tanks run about38-58 depending on the product because some come with built in bras which is understandable for the price bump. LJ is pretty ‘laxed on her tanks because they’re mostly screen print and can sometimes be 15$ on sale. The more fancy stuff can be about 35-60+$ depending on the function. A lot of her tanks are featuring the strappy back right now with is probably a lot to produce so I think that’s where the cash is going.

Sports Bras: Lulu sports bras are pretty tame going between 42-58$ which isn’t a bad margin for a sports bra. LJ can get pretty wild running from 30-75$ depending on the style, which will sometimes go on sale soon if it’s just a little bit too “out there” to sell.

Overall I give Lulu a B- on price because of their tendency to be steep on prices, but they redeem themselves with the weekly upload.

I give Lorna a C+ because of the sporadic pricing in categories but their sales are stellar and their clearance section is always well stocked.


Now onto my favorite part- the appeal critique!

Lorna Jane is a massive Aussie Brand. It’s very colorful and girly and in my opinion, very appealing to the teen-early 30’s group. LJ has tons and tons of wacky prints and colors and I’ll admit, can be kinda distracting. Like her apparel, her store is super pink and girly with a few “muscly” pieces here and there. I love her brand because it makes going to the gym fun, and because LJ hasn’t taken the US over quite yet, everyone at the gym wants to know what you’re wearing!

Lululemon has taken in the opposite direction, and rightfully so, because they were here first. As a Super Canadian brand, they’ve been here a while and have stores everywhere. Lulu is most more “serious” in their clothing with lots of black and great with mild pops of color. Lulu is very zen feeling, and I love their youtube channel for inspiration. Most of their target audience is yogis, but appealing to all gym goers. Almost everyone knows the Lulu symbol and have heard of the brand, not to mention almost every lulu-lover knows the prints and product names. Lulu also has a mens department which is pretty popular.


LJ: B+ because the brand brings a lot of energy and motivation to working out

Lulu: A-,Lulu can appeal to every sweat generalist no matter what age or gender and brings a lot to the table as far as flexibility.


This is probably my second favorite section of this post and my internet search history can vouch for me.

Lets, get started with Lulu. Lulu has a tendency to go out of stock fast depending on the popularity of the product. This can be a variable depending on the product itself, or a particular color or pattern. Lulu does a spectacular job of always keeping a stock of black and white in almost everything. Because Lulu is so popular in the US, it’s easily available online, and in a case where it isn’t I can always check my local store. If worse comes to worse my first place to search is Poshmark. Posh is great because you can negotiate with buyers and always find something similar. My last resort is ebay, because most Lulu items are either astronomically high in price, or it’s a bidding war. I usually try to stay away from ebay because it almost never turns out well.

Lorna Jane is a completely other  battle entirely. The nearest LJ store is in Dallas, which is about 5 states over, so that’s a no go for me. Most of LJ’s stores are on the west coast, which is great if you live there because LJ is so beachy. I of course shop the LJ website, but for some reason shipping is crazy high (10$!!). My two go to’s are Nordstrom, which just recently started carrying LJ, and it goes on clearance a lot which is great. My other go to is ebay. Because LJ is still not very known across the US, I’ve gotten some great deals and almost always win bids.

So what do you guys think? Lulu or Lorna? Comment Down below and tell me what you think! Thanks for tuning in to NiorChic Today!

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7 thoughts on “Lorna Jane VS Lululemon Showdown!

  1. Lou G says:

    My experience with LLM vs LJ is the complete opposite. From 2015-2016 I have bought 3 different Lululemon pants: Wunder Under, Inspire tight, & most recently the Align pant. They all pilled within a few uses. The seams on the mesh of the Inspire tight has unraveled pretty quickly I’m afraid it’s gonna separate/tear every time I wear it. I truly love how the Align pant feels on me, it truly gives a naked sensation. But then it was also the worst, it pilled after the first wash even after following LLM washing instructions. Within the same year I also bought 2 LJ Pants: Booty support FL, Booty Support 7/8. They feel like my Wunder Under with a little bit more compression. Good news is I’ve had no problems with them yet. As a consumer I don’t follow what’s trendy at the moment but I’m willing to spend money on quality products & LJ in my experience trumps LLM in quality. Another brand I buy cause of it’s great quality is Lucy Activewear & Alo Yoga. They are not as popular or widely mass marketed but they will last forever. Sorry that this is lengthy but I really hope this helps 🙂

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  2. Anna says:

    I love them both but have to say that Lulu wins my vote. Here is why. Of anything goes wrong with the product I bring it to the store any they either fix it or replace it. This alone justifies the price. I have a lulu bag and it came apart at the seams after a year of heavy use. They no longer had the product in store and gave me a new bag no questions asked. Of course because they did that for me I bought 2 pairs of pants and 2 bras. I have other stories similar to this and this is why I choose lulu. Lorna on the other hand will never fix or replace anything for you. I love lulu.


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