Outfits for Every Thanksgiving! (You’ll Thank Me Later)

Hello everyone!

Even though Christmas cheer is plastered almost everywhere, we have one more holiday in between, Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving can be an odd holiday to pack for because of the festivities, especially if you’re coming from college, and especially if you’re not going to a traditional Thanksgiving. So how do you stay comfortable during dinner, but also avoid detagging yourself from Facebook pictures a few weeks later.
1.Visiting Your Boyfriend’s Family

This situation can be really iffy depending on how long you’ve been dating and your personal style. You really want to make a good impression, but you still want to be yourself. I would recommend trying on your clothes before specifically to avoid malfunctions. I wouldn’t recommend jeans because they can come off as being too casual. Trousers are a really good option because they’re a bit more structured. Simple shoes are also a good option. Heels and heavy boots can sometimes feel bulky and are hard to slip off. Sweaters and simple tops are great options because you never know how people like their temperature in their home, and light long sleeves are perfectly light without being too heavy.

1621154_262362  1637410_264730

Eyelash Knit Sweater                 Cobalt Piano Pants

2.Thanksgiving with Friends

Sometimes it’s hard to get home for the holidays and I’ve known a lot of college friends to have their own little celebration in order to celebrate the holiday.  This is pretty sweet because you have a lot of leeway with fashion, but you’d still like to look good for pictures. I’d pair a simple top with dressy leggings. I’ve known Thanksgiving to turn into a real party so being festive is a must.I like to choose fun pieces that help make great memories.

1222338_189010 1615874_254058  1628594_263306

Perfect Situation Dress           Sparkle Leggings                 Showin’ Off Skirt

3. Thanks Giving With Your Family

Family Thanksgivings are of course traditional, but when you think about the grocery shopping, the dinner, the Black Friday shopping, and putting up the tree, it’s a huge fashion crisis. I suggest bringing tons of tops and a few bottoms. Having 2-3 bottoms is allowing for functionality and simplicity without the need for being a complete match. Black or grey leggings are simple and go with everything. Climate can be weird during the holidays, especially down south. I really like simple tops paired with vests, and sweaters for dressy occasions. Thanksgiving dinner can be super comfy or somewhat formal depending on if someone is camera happy.Having a variety of tops is a great option because they aren’t very bulky and family won’t question your laundry situation.

1657194_269130 1656226_2683781631794_265114

Cozy Sweater                           Chambray Top                          Parker Sweater

4.Thanksgiving with Your Roommate’s Family

In other situations sometimes campus can get scarce, and no one wants to spend Thanksgiving alone. I’ve had some friends spend Thanksgiving with their roommate or friend’s family. These events are often fueled with weird conversations and odd questions, and questions in regards to your outfit can get super awkward. I recommend packing light because you’re staying in someone else’s home and you want to be polite. Few bottoms are a great decision and dressing appropriate for the weather is great because it’ll keep your bag light and fuss free.


Ivory Longsleeved                  Chic Grey Sweater                 Chic Burgundy V Cut

5. Going to Get the Christmas Tree

This is probably my most favorite holiday activity and probably the weirdest to dress for. My family like to take pictures when picking the tree because everyone goes and it’s just a great family tradition. I love sweaters and festive outfits for tree picking.


Wine Not Scarf                     Jolly Beanie                              Red Wine Skirt

Hope everyone enjoyed this blog post! All of the items in this post are from Lulu’s! Be sure to sign up for the Lulu’s Black Friday Sale for first dibs on all the great deals! The Sale will begin November 26th at 4pm! Stay Chic!

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