Best Ways to Travel for the Holidays!

Thanksgiving is less than a month away *gasp*! Turkeys are being bought, Black Friday plans put into motion, and most importantly,air fare is skyrocketing. While air travel is unavoidable for some of us, a few of us holiday travelers are looking for ways to get to mom without getting broke, and I have just the solutions!

Traveling by train is by far one of my most favorite ways to travel. Not only are they lenient on bag weight, but you can bring your own snacks on board, and it’s insanely cheap! A train ticket from the local station near my university to my hometown is only 14$! That’s like less than the cost of a Chipotle date! For more info on train travel you can hear more of my tips below!

2. Carpool

Carpooling is a great idea if you know someone from the same town as you. Maybe you can even find someone form your city! Carpools are not only economically smart, but fun too! You can turn it into a mini roadtrip and all everyone has to do is chip in for gas and drive time!

3. Bus

I’ve known a few friends from school who have used Greyhound to get to and from and they say it’s quite pleasant. Having a nice read or quality youtube time is always fun and sometimes you can luck up and get two seats to yourself! This is also cheaper than flying and the layovers are relatively short.

And for those of you who have no options other than flight, be sure to check out Expedia and Orbitz for great prices! I hope everyone has a safe holiday and I hope some of these tips helped!


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