How to Stay Fit in Winter

Hello All! It’s been too long! I’m currently fighting a cold and with eh spare time I thought I would give you al a fitness blurb!
So I’m sure some of you all are like me and right around this time when the temp starts to drop you lose all motivation to make it to the gym, let alone out of those comfy sheets. Today I shall give you some times on how to beat that fitness rut!


  1. Make a Habit: Just as bad habits are hard to break good ones are too! It takes 21 days to make a habit and I encourage you to try it! Making a habit out of exercise, even if it is just walking will make your body crave being active. In winter I like to work out around mid-day or afternoon because that’s when it’s warmest (even if the warmest is 45).
  2. Keep Moving: Winter workouts are really grueling on the body because the cold slows down your blood making you not want to move. If you wake up with a start and keep busy on your way to the gym your blood will already be moving and it won’t be hard to get it pumping once your workout starts.
  3. Reward Yourself!: This is probably my biggest motivator. Whether it be new workout gear or a mini staycation, I love rewarding myself for when I reach goals.
  4. Have the Right Gear: Winter Workouts suck to begin with, and not having the right gear makes it worse. Take time to pick what you need for your climate. Whether it be gloves or a dri-fit beanie to keep your head warm. Another tip is wear a jacket for your warm up with a lighter shirt underneath. That way you can knot your jacket around your waist. Layers are also a great idea for cold weather.769fb62c17f2add6064df865d27989dc
  5. Remember Why You Started: Winter ruts happen to the best of us, but it’s important to remember why we started. Whether that be training for a half marathon or simply to get back in shape, we shouldn’t let adversities stop us from reaching our goals.

Thank you guys for reading today and I hope you have an awesome week and that this post helps! Stay Chic!

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