My Top 10 Favorite Locations for Vacation

Hello All! With all of the Fitness and beauty on my channel I thought I’d give you guys some lifestyle! So down below I’ll give you guys the low down to my favorite places to vacation from cities to islands to everything in between!

  1. Parisimages-2

The City of Blinding lights is probably one of my favorites on this list. The city is very walkable which is great for tourists. I love how much history is preserved there without being so so preserved that you’re afraid to move when you’re there. I do recommend at least one guided tour while there and a day dedicated to getting lost in the city. The food is amazing! Everything is very light eating, but delicious. The croissants are to die for, not to mention the desserts. Everyone is also very fashionable and the shopping there is expensive but it’s completely worth it.

2. NassauNew_Formatted_Ariel

My family has always gone to Nassau by cruise which is the best way in my opinion. The island is very pretty and the locals are always very friendly. Also, if you have jewelry in mind to buy, it’s best to buy it there. No taxes and the selection is also grand. The water is also beautifully clear and the culture is so very rich though there are a lot of American amenities such as fast food restaurants. Atlantis is also a great attraction for everyone. You can take a tour as well as stay there if you fly down. The resort is huge and has many restaurants. I love Nassau because it’s such an easy vacation to plan and it’s always fun to spend a whole weekend  in a bikini.

3. Niagra Fallsimgres

Niagra Falls is a great vacation.You’re a skip and a hop away from NYC, Lululemon is all over the place, and probably the best locals ever. The Falls alone is a great attraction as well as the city itself. The air is much cleaner that many of the cities I’ve been to. Canadian money is also worth less than American dollars which means awesome savings.

4. Los Angeles

This is by far my most favorite city and one of the few places I can actually see myself living.  The city is expansive  and no matter which way you turn there’s a different culture and vibe all together. The state is so carefree and the vibes are amazing. My favorite locations are Manhattan and Venice Beach as well as Universal Studios and hopefully next visit I want to visit Runyon Canyon.

5. New Orleans CAR_01

New Orleans has a very special place in my heart. My family visits every year in the spring as tradition and we always travel by train. It’s a beautiful experience riding the train alone but the city has a song unlike any other. It is very much like a second home to me and we have many traditions we do every year and then we have new things that we do every year. The city is never ever boring and the music and food are grand. I also have a vlog from our latest trip

6. Panama City Beachthumb1_panamacitybeach

This is the college student talking, but PCB is kinda awesome. There’s tons to do, good food, and likely to be other college students to meet. If you’re going with a bunch of friends it can also be very cheap, plus other than food you can really beach bum the whole trip. Also, Waffle House is an amazing way to save on breakfast without stooping low to cereal. The Beaches are very safe and the water is usually clear. To me it’s the best beach on the gulf because there’s so much to do!

7. LondonLondon_Big_Ben--tojpeg_1416576723345_x2

London is by far one of the chicest vacations besides Paris itself. I’m also a huge Harry Potter Fan so that ups the anti for me. Their airports are also a pretty cool experience in itself. I love that London has such a large mixture of culture to be such a tiny island. Dover, which is a few hours away, is also a great attraction. The cliffs are made of chalk!

8. New York new-york-13-exterior-night-04

This destination is probably self explanatory. NYC is gorgeous and you know you can always have a good time and there’s tons to look at. I love the thrill of the city and it’s fashion, though the locals can be a bit rough. There’s nothing like a corner hot dog or the view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Not to mention pizza is like a religion there.

9. MiamiMiami-21371

Miami is so weirdly beautiful. the connection to the water as well as the city is so inviting . There is also a prominent Latino culture there which is a great experience. It’s also very fun to go to the beach and the harbors have very pretty boats to watch.

10. Las Vegaslasvegas-skyline

Vegas is a must if you’re in the vicinity of it. There are literally slot machines when you get off the plane. I’m not a gambler of course, but the noise and excitement is really fun. The strip is my favorite part. Every hotel is different. My family stayed in the downtown area during our last visits and it was a different pace but just as fun. The Golden Nugget is my favorite place to stay, but I have to say the Bellagio has the best food imaginable.

A Special Thank you to everyone reading today! I hope you find my list helpful! Comment down below what are your favorite Vacation Destinations! Also Be sure to Check out my latest favorites video on my channel!


5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Locations for Vacation

  1. fittoservegroup says:

    I love your list! I was in New Orleans last week. Love the place and people. I live in Miami and I am a Latina best place to live if you are. No prejudice towards us and a great place to raise my children. Was born in Brooklyn, New York and our daughter was engaged in Las Vegas. I could live in Paris or London. So yeah I live your list 😝💕💞

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