My Spin Class Essentials!

Hello Everyone!

If you’ve been following my latest posts as well as my active archives you’ll know I recently become obsessed with spin class. If you’re new here, spin is an exercise based on a stationary bike involving endurance and strength exercises. I love spin because it takes all the planning out of my workouts and it’s fun! So today I wanted to share my essentials for spin class!

1. Water Bottle 


The instructor gives 30 second breaks occasionally and of course you can drink at your own discretion. I personally recommend camelbak water bottles because of the built in straw it makes it easier to drink,and they hold temperature to keep your drink cold. I usually drink water for class but I’ve seen people drink gatorade as well.

2. Leggings or Spandex


I’ve tried classes in my Nike shorts and it’s just not a good idea. I find that spandex are really good for movement, but I like leggings for a little more coverage. The key in picking bottoms is choosing the material. I don;t know exact names but make sure if you pick leggings they are active ones because the casual ones hold sweat and that’s just gross.

3. Energy Bra (Lululemon 48$)


I’ve had tons of different types of sports bras, but I think this one is best for spin because of the coverage and it fairs very well when doing jumps, but its not so high impact that my chest feels crushed.

4. Jacket

I’m definitely a cold natured person, and I try to get to spin a little early to get settled, and the gym can be cold with all the fans going. There are also upper fans in the spin studio which can be very cold, so I like to keep a light jacket or pull over to keep warm until the 3rd song.

5. Protein Bar

I usually walk or ride the bus from spin, and a protein bar is great for a light snack because the protein helps to feed my muscles after a workout. Having a light snack also helps to not binge when I get home.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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