Hello Girlies! I’m sure you guys have seen the active archives on my blog and Instagram and all of my little thoughts now that I’ve entered the world of fitness, but I realize I haven’t answered probably the most important question- Have I found and cute fitness things? I have found not only cute things, but FUNCTIONAL things!

  1. Lorna Jane Run Short


These shorts were sort of my motivation for moving. Not only are they neon pink, but they are so comfortable! I’ve worn these to spin as well as to classes and they are the best. The inside is basically a pair of spandex and the outer layer is kinda the “fashion” portion because to you they just feel like spandex. This also helps because the outer layer moves a lot and the inner layer keeps you modest There are tons of versions of these, but I descided on the classic to start off and I cannot wait to try out the others!

2. Lululemon Energy Bra


I fell in love with this bra after seeing one of my favorite bloggers Instagram it. This is the best sports bra I’ve had in a while that’s stayed the best, most work well and after 5 washes they’re dead. I love how the straps cross in the back. Kinda expensive but I have to say it’s worth every penny.

3. Nike Flex Sneakers


I’ve had tons of volleyball shoes in my time, but they were always meant for the court, and frankly my high school’s colors weren’t all that fashionable. I got these mid summer for school and couldn’t wait to get into them. Now that I’ve tried them out, I’m sure my friends worry that they’re my only pair of shoes. They are so comfy and the color is gorgeous. They’re light but not flimsy and they can handle the gym as well as a 5 mile campus hike.

4. Lorna Jane Tanks


These things are amazing! Not only do the quotes make you feel good but the tanks are great. I love wearing these to spin because they keep you “in” and the material wicks sweat like a boss. I have to say these are kinda snug but not uncomfortable. I think the better term would be fitted because I think they’re to make you more aerodynamic for outdoor cycling.

5. Fitness Solutions Gloves


I actually bought these last year when I got started exercising (emphasis on the word started because I didn’t really commit) because the grip ridges on the weights and machines gave me blisters. These gloves help that as well as keeping a grip, and They’re Pink!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Be sure to check out all of my fitness fun on Instagram and I occasionally play on the twitter machine! More active archives coming this week!

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