Active Archives #3!

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already active archives #3! I wasn’t able to log in every single day so I thought I’d give you guys the run down.
Monday was mainly a spreadsheet of ab workouts and a few cardio moves. It was very low intensity for a Monday but just enough to sweat for a while. I like my workout playlist is getting too repetitive. If you guys want I can share my weekly spread sheets! They really make working out easier.

Tuesday was composed of all ab workouts and I got to workout with a friend! This was great because it went by super fast and It was really fun! We both used the same spread sheet and I think it was a great workout!

Today’s workout (Wednesday) was spin class!! Spin is my absolute favorite because Wednesday has my favorite instructor and it takes all the planning out of my workouts. I love this instructors energy and her music is great, but she uses the same playlist every time. This is kinda annoying but at least then you know where you are in time without checking your phone. I feel like I’m getting better at spin and I’m able to add more resistance than before. I’m hoping to be able to keep up my schedule when the time falls back.

Hi guys! I’m terribly sorry that active archives is late going up! Yesterday was a day of arm workouts as follows:

sets 3:15






lunge press

side lunge with curl and tuck





 3;10 second plank

25 situps

I know the end cardio isn’t that heavy, but I wanted something to make me sweat it out at the end. Anyways today’s workout is spin class and I’ll be sure to have pictures in next week’s Active Archive! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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