Active Archives #2

Hello All, And Welcome to this Week’s Active Archive!

I’m very excited to be starting active archives for this blog! I really hope it inspires some of you to get out and move to be the best you that you can be!

Today has been kinda rough as far as finding motivation. My Lorna Jane app really helped in that department! I also wrote a quib today that you can find here. Today’s workout was mainly leg strengthening and cardio with a little of arms mixed in. It wasn’t the most intense workout I’ve ever had but definitely not the easiest!


Today’s workout was extremely light. I focused mainly on fine toning my arms and chest which was challenging but not a very high heart rate. The gym was also much more populated than usual which was kinda distracting. I’m very excited to be in the middle of the second week! I feel very motivated and stoked to feel better. Spin class tomorrow!


Spin class woop woop! I was so excited for spin today and it didn’t disappoint at all! Sadly the teacher used the same playlist as last time but I flowed with it. It seems like class goes by really fast with her and it was good energy. I got to wear my new Lorna Jane tank today and I was so so excited! When you look good you really do feel good and you work out better. I’ve been looking into new gear and I’m pretty stoked with my finds. Tomorrow is abs and I’m totally dreading, but you have to work for results!


I had to kick myself a little cause my schedule was wack today, so I settled for some abs at home which weren’t as fun as I’d hoped but they got the job done. I didn’t use weights today which was a bummer, though I’m not sore this week which is a plus. Spin class is tomorrow which is great and I’m very excited.

Recap: Overall I’m very happy with this week’s progress , though some days were harder that others. I find myself making better snack choices, but I do find that I make more rash decisions when hungry. Staying active is great right down, but I’m reading when winter sets in and it starts to get darker earlier which is gonna suck for motivation.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Active Archive and I’ll see you next week!

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