Hello Everyone,

The start of September has been extremely busy. I’ve just had the first of my tests in my school courses and football season is literally 3 days away! With that said I have another exciting thing to add. I’ve become really active in the past two weeks and I’m trying to pan out a schedule I’m currently glued to the thought of a spin class 3 times a week and gym days in between. By adding the gym into my daily routine I also descided to keep a little record on NiorChic of my experiences! Whether it be fitness clothes purchases, experiences, or progresses I’ll type them here every Thursday!

Week 1

Week one is off to a great start. I’ve attended 2 different Spin classes this week. Both were great, though instructors were extremely different. The first one was younger and more energetic. I liked her a lot and she had really good music.The second was an older lady who was really inspiring and always had nice things to say after finishing a round. Spinning to country music is quite the challenge though.

All in all I’ve found spinning to be my thing and I’ve also found out the do’s and don’ts. Cotton clothing is definitely not welcome to spin. The first day I wore an actual athletic top and shorts. This was a 3 out 5 for me. The meshy top make it awesome to be able to stay cool,and it really wicked the sweat away. The shorts on the other hand were a terrible choice because of how they would snag when standing.

The second day I made some adjustments and traded shorts for cropped leggings. These faired a lot better against the bike, but I countered this progress by wearing a cotton muscle shirt. The cotton wasn’t forgiving at all in terms of sweat. The bus ride home in a completely wet shirt was not fun. I mentally made a note to myself to search for some biker shorts as well as some tanks. (ebay has great options even with brand names)

The days following I kept to yoga and a few floor exercises. Yoga was very calming and peaceful. Lululemon’s youtube channel had great options as well as Tone it Up.

I could honestly call the first week a success for being a time to find my footing. Having the exercise classes in the late afternoon makes a great window to get homework done before I go and it also makes it exciting.

Anyways, Thank you guys a bunch for tuning in though it wasn’t a very long post. What do you think about the new blog posts?

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