August Favorites 2015!


August has been the weirdest month ever with school and summer ending. I hate to say my use of makeup have been sporadic because of the heat and getting into the swing of class, but yet and still I was able to find some go to favorites for the month, and if you’d like to see what I think in real time check out the video HERE
1.My first favorite is the Elf blush and bronzer kit in St. Lucia. I haven’t been wearing blush too much this month and I picked this beauty up a while ago. Sadly the pigment isn’t very good and the pallet is just too light for me, but if I put it on the shimmer makes it look like more of a highlight which was great for the in-between season

2. My second favorite was the Ti Style Paddle Brush. This brush is 30$ on the website and I got it at TJMaxx for 5$. This brush is really great and it is oil infused and makes hair very shiny and is perfect for wrapping hair.

3. I’ve been really into quads lately for travel and I never really owned a very muted tone eye shadow. The Sonia Kashuk Tough Taupe pallet is great because it’s matte and shimmer. I also love how luxurious her products feel with out the luxury price.

4. While we are on Sonia Kashuk I have to say this makeup bag is amazing. I’ve been in love with the palm tree print and this was so pretty and on clearance at Target, I couldn’t resist. It comes with two identical pockets and is very spacious for being so small. It also has a bit of quilting to protect your products

5.The Mac Mineralized Skinfinish powder is the second Mac product I’ve owned and I’m definitely not disappointed. The packaging is a winner and so is the product. It goes on satin and has very good coverage. I never go a day without it.

6.Vaslein Spray moisture is the product for the woman on the go! I hate lotion and how it feels on my hands after I touch stuff, I feel like a dirt and germ magnet. The spray is great because it’s not transferable and of course it’s quick.

7. Infusium 23 Moisture Repair is the weirdest hair treatment ever. It makes hair very soft and I like the moisture benefits but the repair part is yet to be seen. Packaging is great for a drugstore product but so far I see it as more of a leave in conditioner than a repair treatment.

8. I know I’ve already written many blog posts about the Sephora Concealer and don’t get me wrong it’s truly great. I love everything about this product and I love how Sephora included an array of shades for every skintone. The formula is good and I use it every day. For more in-depth you can also check out my other blog posts on it!


Hope everyone had a wonderful August! More Fall posts to come, but in the mean time, cure your craving for chic style with Rent the Runway! They’re a cool web site where you can rent runway piece for a lot less and buy them as well! They are currently running a Labor Day Sale with 30% off of 100$! which is great for designer pieces!Noe to mention their Clearance is on a deeper discount and it is to die for! Hope you have a great Day!

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**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


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