My Fall Obsessions 2015!

Greetings People of the Internet!

It’s 93 degrees outside but the Fall season is fast approaching. I cannot wait to pull out my cashmere,boots and of course Fall nail polish. So today I decided to show you all my current Fall obsessions!Plus check out the Coupon Code below so you can get 10$off your own fall obsessions!

  1. Tea: Don’t get me wrong I love tea any time of the year but in the fall it is especially delightful. I love that it’s not frigid but it’s not hot. My favorites are mint and green tea with blueberry. I will usually have them with lemon juice and honey. Be sure to drink them out of a straw because teas do stain our teeth!5ec022da0bf68c11edb81ef77ffe05f2
  2. Vests: I love vests. They’re like a jacket but not as constricting. They’re great to add a pop of color to an outfit and they’re a staple for college girls. I have a reversible one that was a gift from my mother that has been my saving grace because it’s so warm and I can wear it back to back without anyone noticing. Also blue jean ones are a great fashion statement although I recommend layering with the denim.affb87bc9a81a7a7f4680b74468ed000
  3. Boots!: Boots are my most favorite part of Fall! My collection is rather extensive and possibly sickening because I don’t remember what I have. My essential boot colors are; a rustic red, a black, and a grey. You can never go wrong with these colors and they go with almost everything. My favorite brand is Frye, they’re kinda pricey but they will literally save your life. They’re made by hand and are great quality. I usually buy one pair every winter season . I watch for sales in the off season because you will never know when you can get lucky.Research what you want before hand because it helps to have a style in mind. This season I was planning on getting a short pair and maybe investing in a snow boot to have one in my wardrobe785822f9c956fb3cc2fc432d8e5f630d
  4. Navy,Plum, and Dark Red Nails: I will forever curse my best friend for  getting my started with nail polish. In high school I always played sports so there was never really a point to keeping them painted. Now that my hands are glued to a computer or a pen, it’s a totally different story. In the fall I like to keep things polished and basic. Navy is possibly my favorite of the three because it speaks fall, but it’s not as harsh as black could be. My favorites are from Essie: Aruba Blue,Sole Mate, and Dressed to Kilt.nail collage
  5. Sweaters: Of course sweaters are a given for fall,but not just any sweaters. Recently Banana Republic has been really cranking out the good stuff for fall, and they’re all college-student-budget-friendly! Many of them are a cashmere blend and are incredibly soft. The sleeveless sweater has also become a trend. I’m not quite on board yet with the look for myself but I could see it being a huge trend.4a0c9d690d077ceb818644996e1be707
  6. Suede Leggings: I’ve been researching for a pair that’s a descent price for the trend and found these. They are so Kendall Jenner and I could see myself wearing them everywhere. They can be social or corporate on a relaxed day, or maybe dressed up with a blazer. I could totally see them being worn with flats as well as booties.Did I mention that Suede just feels good?aaa9827e3f57bf11c7c3d248ba8df4fd
  7. The Tee That Will Change Your Life: T-shirts are timeless and with the right accessories that can make you look off the charts. I find that Michael Kors makes some good ones that are a median price.Checking for sales can help knock down the price a bit, but I think these tees are worth it because they will last forever.d46ca168c906fedc6236386e68a3fe0b

I know it’s going to be a sad time when we have to put away our bikinis and our shorts and flip flops,but the fall can be just as fun! I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and that your day is going great! Be sure to check out my social media for all things Chic and enjoy your last few weeks of summer!Also, If you’re interested in good fall fashion at a great price check out Lulu’s! As my follower you can check out THIS LINK for 10$ off and FREE SHIPPING!

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**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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