Summer Favorites 2015: Hair!

Hello Everyone!

With the end of summer approaching faster than many of us would like, we pull out our jackets and dust of our fall attire. More importantly we swap our summery highlights for dark tresses. So today I descided to show you what products I used this summer to beat the humidity and keep my locks weightless and shiny.

  1. Herbal Essence Dry ShampooDry shampoo is essential for the summer. I like this one because it doesn’t spray white like most dry shampoos. It has a tropical scent and it goes well with all hair types. The summer heat can make your hair pretty gross and what’s the point of getting a blow out before vacation if it’s only going to last for a day? This can extend your look and it also comes in travel sizes!IMG_4541
  2. Number4 Haircare Thermal Styling SprayI’ve tried tons and tons of heat protectants and this one is the best hands down. Although I don’t use heat on my hair often I find that this product is superior than most and it’s really in it’s packaging. Most heat protectants come out in a squirt and can make the hair really wet. The Number4 heat protectant comes out in a fine mist which is perfect. The formula is light and doesn’t make the hair crunchy and provides adequate protection.IMG_4542
  3. Bumble and Bumble Surf SprayThis is the surf spray that changes lives. After topping tons tons of essential beauty product lists, this sea salt spray is an easy cult favorite. There are tons of dupes for it but I have to say the original is the best. The packing has he perfect California-esk feel to it and the scent smells like Malibu. this product works better on a thinner hair type but it can add texture to thicker curls. It doesn’t make hair crunchy and lasts for about 3 days. The Bumble and Bumble line also has an accompaniment of shampoos and conditioners that sync with this product.IMG_4545
  4. Tresemmé Smooth and Silky Shine SprayI LOVE THIS SPRAY! Summer sun can make hair dry and brittle looking. This shine spray is very light and airy while also adding shine and moisture to the hair. I usually spray all around my head and following with a boar brush and pin it until I’m ready to go out. It’s also not greasy and won’t transfer to pillows or your fingers.IMG_4544
  5. Number4 Haircare Super Comb Prep & ProtectI have both a full and travel size of this spray and it’s great. The name suits it well. It adds minimal texture and also acts similar to a leave in conditioner. This product is great for my bangs if I want them to look a little more feathery or to give my curls more body.IMG_4547
  6. Number4 Haircare Lumiere dhiver Fluro5 Elixer Restore and Repair OilLong name, yes ,but also provides long lasting results! As you can see I’m kinda in love with Number4 and for good reason and it’s because I like how neutral their products are. Almost everyone can use them and the wide range of uses is near endless. I use this oil when my hair is damp after washing or when its dry and just needs a little more moisture. The oil isn’t heavy and works great for sealing damaged ends.IMG_4546
  7. Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher: I received this product complimentary from Influenster and it’s become a favorite! Its infused with avocado and olive oils and its kinda like a leave in product. I apply it to damp hair and style as usual. It adds oil and softness and the scent is pleasant. I wet my hair with cold tap water before going into the pool to keel chlorine from penetrating the hair so deeply and I’ve started adding a dime sized amount of this to the hair wet from the cold water for more protection.IMG_4543

Thank you to everyone for reading! Please Checkout these products online as well as in stores! Hope you had a great summer and maybe you can check out a few of these products for the next one!Blog end logo


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