The College Fashion Essentials You Never Knew You Needed!

Hey Guys!

I’m literally two days out from returning to school for my junior year! I’m absolutely so excited! Well of course life has it’s weird ways of creating inspiration, I was talking to my roommate for the year who just so happened to be a freshman and she asked me what all she needed for the school year. I then began to think about all the crappy ways in which I ended up needing things that weren’t on many of the lists that get pasted in the school supplies aisles at Target. So today I made a list for you guys on things you’ll need that you never thought you needed for college!

  1. Raincoat : My college is nestled in the deep south where many think it’s all sunshine and lemonade and studying on the Quad. I beg to differ and don’t even try to bother 862c50e03b40d179a724ca9f20d62615with an umbrella. Unless it is a sunshine drizzle that umbrella is useless because the rain blows right into your face and it’s miserable. Also, don’t try with the plastic poncho. It’s convenient for that one time it comes fresh out of the package, but after that it’s just a ball of difficulty that you might tear trying to put on, and believe me it’s embarrassing to sit through a professor’s office hours  soaking wet.
  2. Sturdy boots : Not Uggs because they will be a filthy wet mess and rain boots can be a little bulky. I recommend the LL Bean boots because they’re a descent hybrid. I say this because rainwater will most likely not dry up quickly in the winter months or if it’s just a rainy week, and no one wants to go all over campus with muck in their shoe.175052_1914_42
  3. Gloves: I seriously never thought about gloves until I made a four block walk to the library with blue hands. I recommend checking out Target for some. They’re cheap and come in cute colors and some have the touch screen sensor on them which helps a bunch. Target also has some descent quality winter gear all in all if you ever want to check that out.
  4. Corduroy Pants: This was a lesson well learned. I was one of those girls who thought leggings were all mighty and jeans were an addition. The flu and almost a constant cold surely beat some sense into me. Cords are great because most come in a double layer and are really warm. My advice is to shop for them at the end of the season when the spring stuff starts to come out. They will be very cheap. I like the ones at Banana Republic the best but Old Navy and Macy’s have great buys65c268d9b160f24a6cc6adaf21a74e3f
  5. High Socks: These don’t have to be too extreme but they are essential. Most of the time your classes are around campus or at least a few doors down and the feeling of stepping out of a cozy building into ankle high snow is just not something you want to think about. Having a good layer between you and your boots is amazing to keep the heat in and the cold out, and they’re also comfy
  6. Life Changing Sneakers: They don’t have to be expensive, or even hardcore like d312d96c40f6facc426923d1f8209c51most sneakers claim to be. I picked up a pair of shoes from Target on a whim for 30$ and weird enough they have been my saving grace and I even prefer them to my Nike’s

Anyways guys thanks for checking out this blog post! Sorry it got so winter themed! I hope it was helpful and be sure to check out my other college themed blogs! Comment down below and tell me what was your college essential last year! Thanks for Reading! Photo Credit: Pinterest

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