Is Saving Really All That Better Than Splurging?

Its Friday and you’ve gotten your paycheck. Your heart is beating and you mind instantly begins to mentally spend it, or at least for some people.
Shopping is a huge struggle. People,especially women, spend billions of dollars a year on clothes,decor and so many other things. The problem comes in when we ask ourselves, “Is this a need? Or a want?”

When I was younger I was horrible at managing money. I’d convince myself I needed that lipstick when Lord knows I had a billion others, or those over priced sandals that would surely break in less than two weeks, but they were cute at the time.

Today I find myself asking a billion questions before I swipe my card or hand over my cash. Will you actually wear this? Will the trend last? Could you see yourself wearing this years or even months from now? All of these are valid questions. Be honest with yourself ,know yourself well enough to know your habits. Know if you will hate that sweater in three months. Because the person benefiting of suffering from these choices is you.

Save something. I can’t say it more. That ten bucks lying at the bottom of your purse? Put it into a savings account. That cupholder full of pennies?  Save it. Pennies turn into dollars Not only is it a satisfying feeling of accomplishment but you will be doing yourself a favor. Also, Don’t spend it. Know the difference in an actual emergency and simply wanting to buy something.

Don’t deprive yourself. You want a four dollar cupcake? Buy it. Cause if you deprive yourself you’re just not going to feel good. But if you’re buying a cupcake just because you can and you know you already have one at home, that’s a bad decision.

Set a goal for yourself. It will help you to stay motivated and focused. All in all the challenge isn’t to save or spend, but to have balance.

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