College Packing Essentials!

Hello All,

It’s a busy morning, and by bust I mean I’m packing like my life depends on it. With that, I thought I’d make it suck a little less by taking a break and blogging, while bringing packing inspiration to my followers!

Packing for college can be stressful. What shoes? How many pairs of shorts? Will I wear that? All great and valid questions but theres something many people forget and that is how they are going to pack. Packing for school isn’t like packing for vacation. There won’t be any complimentary shampoo, or lotion, or even towels, because you have to bring those. That’s a lot of stuff to bring,especially when you’re working with Mom’s SUV or gasp your own tiny sedan. Here are a few of my essentials on what tools to use when packing for college.

  1. Space Bags: These puppies are amazing and they will help you cut corners where you need to. The box usually says you can get about 5 or 6 shirts into one large. I like to push the limit and do about 15. No I’m not crazy, because I’ve never had one pop or some open. Sometimes breaking the rules can save you(roll scene of Harry Potter fighting the troll in the dungeon in the first movie to save Hermione and get points to Griffindor)url

2. Totes: Tote Bags can be a great save because they prevent you bring bringing a box or another suitcase. I usually pack my shoes in these and it’s great for blankets and pillows. Also if you’re out of seats your little brother can sit on them and not be so annoying.

3. Mini Suitcase: I know the whole point of this list was avoiding suitcases but this is an exception. Most likely you definitely will not be able to unpack in a night, or even a few days. You won’t be fully moved in in a few weeks or so, but for those first few days or the first week a mini suitcase can save you from tearing open so many boxes and getting overwhelmed. Pack a few days worth of outfits to get you going as well as a toothbrush, makeup, etc. A mini suitcase is also great because you can use it for sleep overs, or weekend trips home.

4. Shoe bags: I find many uses for these bags, and not just for shoes. You can pack in socks or underwear without them scattering all over the place.I can also help with corralling things into one place like bags of jewelry or electronic cords. They’re also great because they don’t take up space and you can easily pack them away until the next use.

5. Ziplock Bags: I like ziplocks,especially the ones with the sliding close. They’re  great for jewelry and keeping your smaller items together. I usually use them for jewelry, or hair accessories to keep from losing them. These are also good through out the school year for medications, food and a ton of other stuff.

Anyways, thank you all for tuning in today! I hope everyone is excited about school because I know I am! Hope these tips helped you guys, and remember, Stay Chic!


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